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Herb shop

At the Avalon Magic Plants herb shop, you will find a wide range of extracts and herbs. Herbs are often ordered because they can be used every day without the fear of side effects. Another advantage is that the products cause no damage to the body, because they are all natural. Of course, it is still important to consume herbs in moderation. Seeing as you determine the amount of our herbs and extracts that you take, it is important that you be well informed. For instance, we always recommend starting with a low quantity. For every product in our selection below, you can read more about their usage and effects.

Buy herbs at Avalon Magic Plants!

Are you looking for a natural herb to assist your health, boost your energy, make you completely relaxed or maybe even cause a psychedelic trip? Avalon Magic Plants is your one-stop source for herbs from the best quality imaginable. 

So why herbs? Well, you can’t get any more natural than herbs. One of the definitions of the word ‘herb’ is medicinal plant. All around the world, plants grow without the influence of humans and are filled with the most spectacular chemicals. Often these chemicals are created to protect the plant from natural predators, but also to stimulate reproduction. Nowadays, a lot of these compounds are used in traditional and modern medicine, but a lot of people still prefer the natural forms of these sometimes life-changing herbs. Here at Avalon, we have a broad variety of herbs available to you from all over the world. Some of these herbs are delivered to us directly from herb-rich countries such as Mexico, while others originale from Asian countries. Some of them grow on mountains, some of them right on the sidewalk or even in your own lawn. The options are endless, but we are sure we have a herb suitable for you!

Due to trial and error, humans have evolved to know exactly what herb and what compound does what to the human body. Up to 50% of all modern medicines still contain chemicals that are taken directly from plants or that are derived from plants. So we are not exaggerating when we say that herbs can be extremely healthy! Do you have doubts about a certain herb or are you currently on medication? We then recommend you to always consult a doctor or pharmacist before use. Also be sure to read the full description of every herb so make sure you are aware of the potential side-effects.

Our selection of stimulating herbs

Avalon Magic Plants is the right place to find a variety of stimulating herbs used in all different quantities. Here are some examples from our selection:

  • Relaxing herbs: when using these herbs, you often experience the same effects as with cannabis. These herbs are easy to use, because you can simply make a tea from them. That means your lungs won’t have to suffer any consequences.
  • Energy herbs: did you just finish a long day or are you constantly feeling tired? These herbs, which can be made into teas, are the perfect solution for that. In some cases, these energy herbs also act as a positive influence on your libido.
  • Dream herbs: would you like to have more control over your dreams? Our dreams can help get you into a lucid dream state, which is a vibrant experience.
  • Psychedelic herbs: when you take these herbs in certain amounts, you will trip. In short, these herbs are similar to synthetic drugs like LSD.
  • Aphrodisiac herbs: do you want to increase your libido, engage in  livelier sex or experience it more consciously? These aphrodisiac herbs are the perfect solution!


Extracts vs. herbs

In addition to herbs, you can also order herbal extracts at Avalon Magic Plants. Extracts are all the active ingredients found in herbs, but in a smaller package. The word says it all. We recommend being cautious with extract quantities and to slowly increase them over time. Our extracts should not be underestimated. They yield effects quickly.

Do you have questions about the products in our selection? Please feel free to contact us!