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Salvia Divinorum extract

This magic herb from Mexico gives a short but very intense change of consciousness. Although considered a hallucinogen, the effects cannot be compared with any other natural product. Salvia Divinorum is available as dried leaves and Salvia extracts of various concentrations. The cheapest and best quality Salvia herbal extracts which are freshly imported from Mexico. Buy your Salvia at Avalon!

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Salvia in Mexico is seen as a holy medicine. Fortunately, you do not quite go to Mexico to get it, because in English Smart we sell this drug as well. Salvia is not a known drug, so chances are good that you've never heard of it before you came on the dutch-smart.nl. Salvia is an herb that is sold in the form of leaves or in the form of extracts. How to use it, we tell you later.
Salvia was used by shamans in Mexico. The Mazatec Indians used it in sacred rituals because of the strong hallucinations that one can get from the use of Salvia Divinorum. The hallucinations later, you explained on this page, so read quickly.

Salvia use

There are several methods Salvia can be used. Some people are fans of 'plums'. This is the rolling of the leaves together to a kind of cigar and then on chewing. This would provide a stronger and more hallucinogenic trip than smoking the leaves. But there are also users who are trying the opposite. You smoke Salvia as you smoke a joint or a cigarette. One advantage of smoking Salvia instead of plums Salvia is that you need much less leaves. Plum is used on the other side fine when you first Salvia, because the trip slowly rises, lasts longer and is slightly quieter.

You can also use Salvia in the form of extracts and vaporizers, but because you have the sensitivity of whatever you buy do not know well, this is dangerous. The dosage is very difficult to estimate and an overdose of Salvia has very unpleasant consequences. What is most important is that you look at how sensitive you are to Salvia. Likely that is different than your friends, so bear that in mind when you are going to try Salvia.

Effects of Salvia

The effects of Salvia are not as long as a normal trip. When plums Salvia is the trip something like this. After one minute, start the presence of the Salvia already noticeable. After five minutes to fifteen minutes, the effects are strongest and after twenty to forty minutes to the effect off again. In total, your trip takes 30 to 60 minutes, while trips with for example truffles may last three to six hours. The use of Salvia is quite different than the use of regular drugs. What the trip lacks in length it makes up for in intensity again.

Different users have different experiences with Salvia. A number of these effects are:
- View all two-dimensional;
- The feeling that you are an object;
- Space and time experienced in a very different way;
- The feeling of having to travel back in time;
- Outside enter the body;
- In the body of another act and lead his or her life;
- Meeting beings;
- A stoned feeling;
- Vivid hallucinations.

Salvia Divinorum extract:

These extracts are standardized. This means that there has been used a precise amount of pure Salvanorin A, the active substance, which is found in the '' plant '' Salvia divinorum. A crude extract, you can not know exactly how strong the effect. Therefore it is particularly important that you choose a standardized product. Especially when it comes to substances which one but a small amount of need.


It is difficult to determine the dosage without scales. You can also do this by doing the eye the desired amount into a pipe and then to inhale deeply or average. Use in the first time, a moderate dose, which corresponds to an average inhalation of the 5x extract. If this is not 'good' enough, you can take the next time a full dose, equivalent to a deep inhalation of the 5x extract. Use a plain pipe (pipe of pure metal or glass timber) a water pipe may give too strong a dose, and is therefore not recommended.


Make sure you sit comfortably in a quiet place (familiar environment) where you can lie and that someone is with you, sometimes you suddenly go up under the influence of Salvia and walk around without you being aware of the environment. Inhale the smoke and hold it as long as possible inside. The effects begin almost immediately and last for about 15 minutes, and then fade completely without you getting a hangover or rust. The ectract can not be taken orally. If you have no experience with Salvia, the 5x extract recommended, it is better to dose. When you have more experience, you can go to the 10x, 15x, 20x or even 30x to 40x extreme
The following effects are commonly encountered:

- The becoming an object
- 2-dimensional visions
- Travel back in time, especially for the youth
- Loss of body or identity
- Sense of movement or pulling forces
- Uncontrollable laughter
- Overlapping realities, the feeling of being in several places at once.