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Due to extreme busy times we are unable to respond within 24 hours. Please only send 1 e-mail with all the information we would need to help you out. Sending more then one could put you back down in the mailing list. 

Hey buddy, seems like you need some more info or help.

We can provide support in the following languages: English and Dutch, please send your question only in Dutch or English. 

We are flooded with questions, so please save yourself and us some time and read our our information pages first, these answer most questions about payment info, shipping policies, and even some on myceliumbox cultivation.


We also ask you kindly to browse the internet for fora about mushroom cultivation (like https://www.shroomery.org), Ayahuasca & Mimosa Hostilis (https://www.dmt-nexus.me) and the mother of all info sites https://www.erowid.org. There's tons of info available on these sites and fora as they are frequented by experts who can help you out much better than we can. So please search for info on the internet before asking us for help. We can't give receipts for Ayahuasca and other herbs because we are no shamans. 

  • Not necessary to cancel orders, we only ship orders when we have already received your payment. 
  • You have select the wrong payment? No problem, you can just place a new order and select the right payment option. 
  • We always let you know when we have received your payment, when your order is in progress and when we have send your order. 
  • You can always place trial orders to calculate the shipping costs. 
  • We don't ship our mushroom growkits and truffles to countries outside the E.U. 

Still have not found the info you're looking for, please send your question.
We do our very best to answer your email the same day. During the weekends your answer might be delayed, or not answered at all, you'll be the first on monday :)

please read the most frequently asked questions first.


Peace, Team Avalon