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Super Sale: 30 grams of Atlantis Magic Truffles
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Magic Truffles are also known as Sclerotia Atlantis or Philosopher's Stones. One of the biggest differences with other mushrooms is the ability of the Magic Truffles to form sclerotia beneath the mushroom. This is the part that contains very high concentrations of psilocybin.


These Magic Truffles are a bit larger than those produced by other mushrooms, but the effects are the same. All species of psilocybin-containing truffles and mushrooms produce similar effects, depending on the environment and the people you are with, and of course the dosage.

After ten minutes to one hour you will start to notice the first effects, seeing and hearing things better and more intensely. The Magic truffle eater notices a rapid change in the perception of ordinary reality. This often comes down to a good series of laughs. This cheerful start soon transcends into confused feelings. This is due to reality looking so different, your mind just cannot grasp it anymore. As the outer confusion intensifies, the inner visions (best seen in a dark room) become clearer.

The nature of the trip depends upon the person taking it and the mood or state of mind that person is in. So your experience could very well be quite different from what you read here or hear from other people.

The magic truffle trip takes about 6 hours and wears down gradually. The interval between hallucinations gets longer, until they disappear completely.

The active substance in the Atlantis Philosopher's stones is psilocybine, a tryptamine that is chemically similar to the human neurotransmitter DMT (dimethyltryptamine). DMT is one of the strongest visionary psychedelics, which occurs abundantly in nature (trees, grasses etc.) and is easily broken down by the body's MAO enzymes, leaving no toxic byproducts behind. Although the body can handle psilocybine quite well, the mind can get quite confused, which is why Atlantis truffles must be taken in a safe, familiar environment, preferably with a sober sitter nearby.

These are fresh Magic truffles and must be kept in the refrigerator. Take 5 to 9 grams for a normal trip and 10 to 15 grams for a strong trip.

Please note: it is possible that during the shipping process the stones dry a little bit. This decreases their weight. But don't worry: the remaining truffles are just as strong as the dosage mentioned above.

The most common and efficient way to use Magic truffles is to eat them raw, on an empty stomach.

But this doesn't taste that well, and sometimes leaves a heavy feeling in the stomach, which can be a disturbing sensation while tripping. Although psilocybine is sensitive to heating, it's possible to make atlantis truffle tea, which is more tasty and easy to digest than fresh or dried atlantis truffles. Boil some water, turn the heat down and add the (shredded) truffles. Let them boil softly for about 20 minutes. You can then add a little honey or sugar and drink the tea. Another method is to simply poor some very hot water on the atlantis truffles, let it soak for about 10 minutes, and then repeat the procedure with new hot water.

Mushroom Stopper - Bad Trip Stopper
If this will be the first time you use magic truffles, make sure that a sober friend is around to help you out in case you feel uncomfortable, sick or scared. Click here to buy our Mushroom Stopper. Our Mushroom Stopper, it helps you to get out of your trip.

These are fresh truffles and must be stored in your refrigerator (not freezer!), if you do not use them immediately. The truffles can be stored up to a month in your refrigerator.

Do not use when pregnant, nursing, depressed, on medication, driving motorized vehicles, under 18 years old, in combination with stimulants or alcohol.

The first time you use truffles make sure someone with more experience is around in case you need help, for example when you feel sick or scared. Treat the atlantis truffles with respect, be alert to your environment and help those who take it for the first time.

Shipping restrictions
Please check if this product is legal in your country. We DO NOT ship this product to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, South Africa, Reunion Island, Mauritius.


atlantis truffles - power - 07.27.2014
great product and great fast delivery! will be ordering again V soon :)
Super mAgic - Mr c - 07.25.2014
Thanks avalon you are the best! Bought 30 grams came through in about two week. It's hard to put in to words the feeling you get from the magic ts for me it's like a warm glow that radiates from yourself touching everything around .you feel a greater conectedness and love for all. Thanks again avalon team
Thank You Avalon Magic Plants - - 07.15.2014
Had a really enjoyable experiences on these truffles. Quick delivery too. Thanks Avalon Magic Plants, I am just about to make another order. :)
Mad respect for AMP - London123 - 04.20.2014
The product is good, and the service from AMP is utterly professional. Have ordered from them several times and they're always so helpful and on it in terms of sourcing good things. Peace
All I have to say is wow.... - Anonymous - 03.03.2014
I did not expect the psychedelic journey that I was whisked away on before eating a whole 15g dose, and this being my first ever time taking magic truffles or any psychedelic drug for the first time...I will write a full trip story on it though. Excellent product nonetheless...just now waking up and having a splitting headache haha.
Great, funny, enjoyable. - aidan_devlin16 - 12.23.2013
Service was great, delivery was fast, These truffles were great intense at times and do their job Suffered no nausea but a minor headache afterwards. I took 8 grams and my friend had 7. These affect all your cognitive abilities but not in an unbearable way, it's almost as if they turn on a switch and everything is strange. Definitely worth it, and varies depending on person body weight and experience with drug use, intensity may also depend on other substance intake. You may get lost in your surroundings quite easily, leads to an intensely funny experience. Would definitely buy more.
Atlantis - 86zboss - 11.07.2013
So I have heard about the "philosophers stone's" for quite some time and finally decided to give them a try. I ordered 2 packs and they got here very quick in the post. A good friend and I, each having lots of experience with psychedelics decided to eat them. We each ate a whole package (15g/each) and had an amazing time. It was a very smooth trip with a nice come-up and buzz. The open eyed visuals are awesome with the most vibrant colours. The trip lasted about 6 hours and had a nice come down as well. I will be ordering more and would highly recommend anyone thinking about trying them to try them...SO much fun! Thanks a lot avalon team! Peace and Happy Tripping!
Good Body High - BrodysGreen42 - 11.07.2013
The onset was pretty nice with an electric body high. We split 30 Grams between 3 people and would have liked a little more. The 30 G pack is perfect for 2 people who have experience with the FUNGI. Great company great product can't wait to try the Dragon Truffles with my g/f.
Great Experience! - Anonymous - 11.06.2013
Good truffles with a the perfect service (Nice, friendly, really helpful, and the package arrived in no time at all). We had a REALLY good laugh on just a few the first night, not even 8 grams (each of course) – 'cause I was saving them them for a night out a few days later – and it was just me and my girlfriend, and she was a little skeptical to begin with, but when she finally came round and adventualy took some, she was like “We need to buy LOTS more of these”. The night we did all the rest was epic, it literally is all the best parts about tripping on shrooms, just without so much of the hallucinations; your vision does go a bit trippy with patterns swerving into each other, and all the colours still jump out at you, and you still feel like jelly floating around…just an all around good sensation, I highly recommend them! ;)
quick delivery - iainthomson1988 - 10.22.2013
Thanks guys at avalon these came so quick you sent it friday and got it today will be using these guys alot more will update you on my experience tomorrow because doing these bad boys tonight thanks again iain
Highly recommend these to all voyagers, both beginners, and old - Anonymous - 10.09.2013
About your insane Atlantis truffles, they were a lighter brown, the last were dark black. These when chewed tasted like nuts, very nice to the taste. Not bitter at all. Within 30 minutes the effects were very apparent, including trimmers in the solar areas, chest, weak knees, slightly dizzy, but still all pleasant, euphoric as it roll'd in, and over us! Within an hour we were unable to stand up without support. It had to be slowly. So way different than the first batch, which were super, but way better! 3 grams would be fine for a person wanting to have a 3 hour trip. 5 grams for a more "moving experience" lasting 5 hours. Taking 10 plus grams like we did, is a "night on the town" , , lasting 7 hours, and full of colorful eye candy, and deep emotional attachment to all matter! Taking them in the dark is my favorite, as the dark keeps it all very personal, and self-initiating. YOU are EVERYTHING. Highly recommend these to all voyagers, both beginners, and old salts. Merely take more or less depending on where you off to LOL ! Thanks so much Charlie, Big A for the gifts, Battman, Buck, Bean Boyz Genetics
Atlantis Magic Truffles - Absolutely brilliant! - psaisw - 10.02.2013
The Best trip Ever! Having spent the last 30 years trying every possible halluciongenic substance available and having some fabo times on some of them, I can say without any uncertainty that these Atlantis Magic Truffles have got to be the best I have EVER had! Bought 30 grams for me and my girl friend (and even kept them in the fridge for a about 4 weeks). Boiled them up for about 15-20 mins and then made some tea out of the strained water. After drinking the tea we ate the bits that were left over and surprisingly even these tasted quite nice. Having read that it could take up to an hour before the truffles started to work we were both surprised that after only ten minutes the "nice" effects had already started to happen and neither of us had any bad gut feelings. Having had a variety of other substances before we were also surprised how smooth and enjoyable the "come up" was and after about 30 mins we were both having a range of LOVELY full on trippy feelings. Lights were sparkling and shooting out rays across the room, all colours had changed for both of us, mine being purple and my GF saw everything in green. At the time this was hysterical to us and uncontrollable giggles were constant during the trip. Time seemed to be going really slow, objects were moving and talking to us, and despite all the trippyness we were experiencing we were both feeling really calm, relaxed and absolutely euphoric. Also felt really sociable on them, though was also feeling good when i was just in my own head!!! The real trippyness lasted for about 3-4 hours, but as they wore off it was still a nice experience and felt OK! Also the customer service from this company was brilliant and truffles turned up as agreed! Can't recommend these truffles enough and would suggest they are ideal for the first time tripper! They reminded me of the first proper E's that were around in the early 90's - real full on trip, but nice and clean and no bad come down. Looking forward to doing some more!!!!!!!
First time experience! - jkkangarooballs - 09.27.2013
I ate 10 g and the effects were noticeable after 15 minutes. Incredibly uplifting and a heart warming experience that comes in waves. Absolutely mellow with a tremendous bodily sensation with pleasant fish eyed visuals and also closed eye visuals. Would easily try again with a feeling of ease.
Orange juice - Anonymous - 09.22.2013
Subjects that are regular substance users could experience a lesser effect. Other reasons could have been that subject might have been: - under the influence of another substance prior the trip; - did not take it on an empty stomage; - or was not physicly suffeciently cleansed (e.g. detox, fasting). I do find it odd that your effects increased after consumption of orange juice. Orange juice containes vitamin c and should have decreased the effects.
Overall amazing experience. - mikeysmith3 - 09.12.2013
Within a week the truffles were here nicely vacuum packed and still looking fresh, despite postal delays due to bad snow. I weighed out the truffles, expecting the overall weight to be under 30 grams due to the truffles drying out whilst being delivered. I was pleasantly surprised to find I had 33 grams! Me and two other friends had 11 grams each. I hadn't eaten in almost 7 hours so was sure that I would still feel some good effects, even with a lower dose. And I was right. Within half an hour that unsure feeling crept over me. I found the most comfortable position I could be in and allowed the effects to take hold. After an hour and a half of loosely clinging to reality I finally gave in and had the most profound though patterns I've ever had. The whole session was deeply cleansing and I came to some remarkable conclusions. I would recommend anyone to order these truffles. Great service and great product. I will be ordering again soon! Thanks Avalon Magic Plants!
overall a tremendously refreshing way to enjoy your surroundings - Anonymous - 08.06.2013
I live in the U.S. and am an experienced journeyman when it comes to psychadelics & hallucinigenics.. I can tell you that when my magic truffles arrived I pulled out a couple great movies that mess with yer mind and wolfed down 15gs and let the games begin... within about 20 mins I felt waves of tingles rushing throughout my body, my vision became intensely sharp with enhanced color and mild trails.. the movies I watched were The Royal Tanenbaums & The Song Remains The Same... and all I can say is.. check em out while yer flyin high.. Next time im going for 30 for something a lil more intense, but overall a tremendously refreshing way to enjoy your surroundings.
just had my second delivery - jennystoned - 07.29.2013
just had my second delivery :) thanks avalon! love this site!!!
well happy with my trip and - jennystoned - 07.13.2013
well happy with my trip and can't wait for the next order to arrive!i'm in the U.K couldn't quite believe it when the actually got delivered! well trusted site a**********
Was once doubtful - cooby111 - 07.12.2013
i live in uk and even though its the busiest time of year postal wise (christmas) it only took 1 week 1 day to arrive, which i thought was really good considering christmas etc, thanks again guys!
Hey fellow INDIANS - Anonymous - 07.12.2013
Did you guys receive the truffles?? They legal in India??
Delivery - Nico-aspique - 06.23.2013
I receive 2 little professional boxes in a discreet packaging, hardly after a week and I live in France! And to my great surprise, i weigh it: it's was 35g and not 30! I didn't have yet taste! But I intend to do that as soon as possible... :) Thank you Avalon
Truffles :D - Anonymous - 06.13.2013
Hi guys Just recieved my package today, first time ordering truffles online and didn't know what type of time frame to expect them in or if they would even get here. Placed my order Monday and the truffles were here on Friday couldn't b happier! More than satisfied with the service and prompt shipping I live in Belfast and expected it to take longer, will be having a great wkend now! I will defo place more orders and recommend you guys to my friends! Thanks Claire xx
VERY SCEPTICAL - Daveleeadamson - 06.06.2013
Was very sceptical at first when i made an order. I live in the UK and wondered greatly about the transaction after making an order the package arrived in 5 days and was fantastic will definatly be working alot more with this company. Fantastic Service A***!
my most visual truffle - gonzod2069 - 05.24.2013
I've taken these truffles a few times now, my first time at the Keukenhof :) they effect me more than any other truffle. I've never been let down with them either, unlike some others. They give me crazy giggles, and lovely soft movements in colour, On one occasion the sky become an insane moving picture show with the clouds seemingly going in two directions. The sun was going down on an over cast day, yet there was a clear blue sky turning red and golden as the sun went down. I sat, watching this four maybe 90minutes, in total amazement as the closest dark clouds rush in one direction and the bright white big distant clouds in the other, while all the colours melted together. I wanted to swim in it, walk around in this crazy world my mind was making with the help of these beautiful little truffles. I have found that set and setting, is very important when getting the most out of them. When doing them indoors I need to eat more for the visuals. I highly recommend these truffles
Very good - Anonymous - 05.20.2013
The truffles worked very well. Great visuals and overall high
Nice day - jameslynch - 05.19.2013
If your looking for a pleasant way to spend a Saturday, purchase these. Boil in water slowly for twenty minutes and drink with sugar, then put on 2001 A Space Odyssey. I honestly couldn't think of a better way to spend a Saturday.
Psychonaut - Anonymous - 05.16.2013
15 grams experience: Very colorful Disneyland - film in 2D television I seen 3D :-) Beautiful mystical experience, united with God and the debate with him ... 6 hours trip. Voting: AAA+++
Avalon are the best! Thanks - fat_bap - 05.12.2013
Avalon are the best! Thanks guys :D
jus bought it on sunday and i - ashwinchiramel - 05.06.2013
jus bought it on sunday and i cant wait to get it , i live in india so i expect it would take longer.... i was afraid that this site was a scam but after reading the reviews i feel reassured...... i plan on doing my first trip alone n ive tripped a lotta times so im taking 15 gm raw and sit in my room switch of the lights put on a lava lamp and just lose it..... ill posst again when i receive it...
Atlantis truffles - orestes - 05.04.2013
Hi guys! It was the first time that I ate truffles and it was great. We went camping to a beach for a few days and had them just before the sun set and just after we lit our fire (we had gathered our firewood, had the fridge and the rest of the... "refreshments" handy). There were 3 of us and had about 7 grams each. A pleasant surprise: The taste was really good too! We were all prepared for the taste of dried, or fresh mushrooms, so we had some small croissants filled with chocolate and stuffed the truffles in. What a delicacy that was! The trip was mild and mellow, with plenty of conversation and also very beautiful feelings especially after the half-moon disappeared (this was also really nice, having the great eye in the sky illuminating the white crests of the waves as far as the eye can see) and the stars came out in the night sky. Since we were away from any major cities or towns (no light pollution) and the night breeze was just right (no humidity = clear skies), the night sky was really impressive! Lying there on the sand, taking in all those millions of bright, distant suns, with the sound of the surf on the beach and the crackle of firewood burning sometimes slower, sometimes faster depending on the mood of the night breeze... It was just great, guys. I almost always eat mushrooms or truffles (from now on) in the nature and it is definitely worth it! Next time we are thinking of increasing slightly the amount we eat to about 10-12 grams for a stronger effect. I have already ordered another batch of Atlantic truffles - but you probably saw that already! Thanks a lot guys and greetings from us here in Greece!
just ordered.. - zachary.taylor1 - 05.03.2013
just ordered my first truffles which are to be shared with a friend. alot of people seem to think magic truffles are rubbish (including my friend) so please let me prove them wrong ;)
Unexpected - Anonymous - 05.03.2013
always unsure of things you buy off the internet. But these arrived so quick and effects were as stated on the tin. Proceed with caution!
Great truffles, I love them - psilocybe - 04.29.2013
I received some of these Atlantis truffles as a gift from Avalon, they were great, I noticed effects with 8grams, the taste is delicious and the high is very clear and enjoyable. 5 stars.
Estas trufas son muy buenas - psilocybe - 04.27.2013
Las probé hace un buen tiempo y estaban frescas, con buen sabor y el efecto fue notable. Las mejores trufas que he probado hasta ahora.
My experience... - soldierside - 04.14.2013
Got this babies last month. I'll try to make my best to describe the whole experience on getting these truffles, and the effects they cause on you. First of all, something that many will appretiate, is that the folks on Avalon Magic Plants, are super dilligent to place your order. And that is something we all apprettiate. How fast are these guys? Well, I live in South America, and I placed my order on a Sunday, and got my truffles the next Friday. Thats only 5 days. To south america. Think about that! Got the package, they came in a neat bag, to keep the truffles fresh. I tried 15 grams, and in about 45 minutes I was experiencing the most incredible sensation I ever felt. Colors were shaping around myself in a way that's hard to describe. I began to start having these lovely feelings, of hope, love, friendship, and a deep sense of myself. I could think about my life, and watch it unfold before me. My trip was incredible. Music sounded like something I never heard. Open eyed visuals were plenty, too! The best thing was, that aftwerwards I felt amazing for days! Like if I went into a "mental Spa". I deeply recommend these truffles to anyone, and of course I suggest you get these here. Thanks Avalon, without you, I would never had the oportunity to experience this blissfull enlightening experience. What Im going to do next? Well, of course I'm going to try the new Hollandia Truffles. Getting myself a 30 gr package before November ends! ;)
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - ninetynineseven... - 04.08.2013
I agree with all the guys over!!! Very Very Very nice product!!! Go on.....................
First time shroomin with my GF - ehm... Dunno what to say - Wyamus - 03.10.2013
Hey, so as the title says it was the first time my GF (and second time for me) and I tried shrooms. Just to give you a little background, we are by no means heavy duty (we both only smoke hash or weed occassionally - around 2-3 times a month - and we are extremely paperweight because we get high sharing 1 mixed joint tobacco and 0.1-0.2 grams of hash :)) However this experience was not exactly what we expected, but there are both praise and doubts :): Praise: -The shipping was incredibly speedy and hasle free :) we ordered monday and received it thursday morning! So GREAT job avalon :). Doubts (cons): We ate 5 grams each and waited excited for 2 hours for something to happen while watching a movie... and nothing happened. So I took an extra 2 grams and 30 minutes later, still nothing (and i mean It, no laugh, no weird thoughts - nothing, and this comes from 2 paperweights that almost never tried anything else than hash) So we got bored and decided to take the last 18 grams - 9 grams each. 45 minutes later we noticed some increased color saturation in the TV (almost exactly like when u switch your TV from standard to Dynamic mode - try it:)) but that was it. We both talked a bit and looked around anxiously trying to find any effects, but sadly nothing. The color enhancement only applied to the TV for some reason, the rest of the room was normal - just like outside. The color effect ended after about 1.5-2 hours. Possibly we did something wrong, or maybe we got a bad batch? (the vacuum pack with truffles had air in it - it wasnt 100% vacuumed when we received it, maybe this caused the loss of effect). However, we were both a bit perplexed, and disapointed at the lack of effects. So we will definitely try something a lot stronger next time.... The color saturation was kinda nice, but it was definitely a lot weaker than alcohol or hash... maybe something like 2 glasses of vodka on an empty stomach. More or less. We hope you have a better trip and we will just accept that we should try something stronger :`) happy trippin
truffles - rigby381 - 02.27.2013
the best trip x feeling ive
Gracias Avalon! - chludil - 02.19.2013
Muy buenas las trufas recomendables al igual q la pagina soy de la patagonia argentina y me llegaron en 10 dias! muchas gracias de vuelta saludos
:) - Martynas - 02.17.2013
When i receive my truffles i ate just after one week they was fresh (very good package) and i ate just 1/2 bag of truffles because it was my first time with psychedelics. I didn't eat 3 hours before i took atlantis And i didn`t get high. so left about 22.5 gr. After another one week, i eat just my breackfast about 12 o`clock :D ok no matter. then i dont have a food about 6 or 7 hrs and i take my tlantis they was looked same as i receive them, thats mean fresh :) so i ate one bag 15 gr. after 50 min was boom :) i had very good trip i can`t explain in english what was,but i can say on my first trip i did research i was laughing from me :D i could not to speak i was trippin it was AMAZING!!! Next time on next trip i will write more about my experience :) Thank again avalon :)
Great Experience! - Anonymous - 02.15.2013
Good truffles with a the perfect service (Nice, friendly, really helpful, and the package arrived in no time at all). We had a REALLY good laugh on just a few the first night, not even 8 grams (each of course) – 'cause I was saving them them for a night out a few days later – and it was just me and my girlfriend, and she was a little skeptical to begin with, but when she finally came round and adventualy took some, she was like “We need to buy LOTS more of these”. The night we did all the rest was epic, it literally is all the best parts about tripping on shrooms, just without so much of the hallucinations; your vision does go a bit trippy with patterns swerving into each other, and all the colours still jump out at you, and you still feel like jelly floating around…just an all around good sensation, I highly recommend them! ;)
Weeeeeeak but fun - Anonymous - 01.19.2013
I guess I be trippin to hard off salvia 100x ,because this did not do much ate 30g to the fucking head the feelings u get is super strong ,i like :), but the colors where MIA Tripping every 8 to12mins off thinking is kool but I wanted to see funny things flying but still have a ok time at the end smoke a fat bong rip of Ucon gold WAX and boom ,best feelings I every had when I mix wax and this stuff ............if u buy take the whole pack because u don't want to burn time and money by it not working ........drink orange juice with this (ITs THE BEST)
WHAT A GREAT NIGHT - Anonymous - 01.14.2013
My wife and i each took half of this and we had the best time of our lives. I would and have recommend this product to people. It is great doing it with some one you love or even great friends. you guys put a smile on our faces and memories that will last forever. God bless you all at Avalon Demetrious
Alantis Magic Truffles - Anonymous - 01.11.2013
Would definitely recommend these truffles ! For the price and how fast they were delivered and the simplicity of ordering them , you could not find a better deal on the internet. As for my experience , me and my friend took 15 grams each . This was not our first time as we had taken mushrooms in Amsterdam before that. These were not as strong and the visuals were quite weak in comparison. I came up almost immediately , feeling the effects after about 20 minutes .. It did make me feel quite nauseous but it wore off in the first hour. The sense of well being and giggles were amazing and we were content just sitting on some grass during a sunny day. This was the largest amount iv ever taken and still had no 'trip' or hallucinations , just whatever was there was beautiful and very bright , kind of like being on ecstasy without the energy buzz. If you are looking for a more visual experience I would recommend shopping about for stronger shrooms but if this is your first time and you just want a pleasant experience to share with a friend I would recommend these fully.
Delivery - SpacedAroundG - 01.03.2013
I ordered these on Friday 28th September and today Wednesday 3rd October they are here. Very impressed. Hopefully a good night or two to be had. Thanks very much. G
Hi I live in India too and - sushilvenkatraman - 12.27.2012
Hi I live in India too and just happend to order it today! I was just wondering how long did to take to arrive and did it really arrive !??:) would be gr8 if u could let me know !! Happy tripping
These are f* crazy - tidus - 12.12.2012
I took 12g and two hours later I couldn't stop laughing. I was so euforic and then everything started to move, breath, stretch, and flash. Colours were as colourful as I have never seen them. In the dark I saw patterns and fractals over objects, and my hands were in constant motion blur.. just like if I were free falling. I got the heaviest high I have had, and my body was shallow - I were my eyes, my body just a heavy carcass. I couldn't sleep until eight AM, my thoughts running crazy. These things blew me away. It was one of the most intense trips I have had in my life.