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PES Amazonian Spore Vial (10ml)


This magic mushroom strain was discovered in the Amazon basin. Psilocybe Cubensis Pes Amazonian is one of the quickest growing magic mushrooms strains available that also produces a massive yield of PES amazonian magic mushrooms, which often reach a height of 30 cm.

Magic Mushrooms Pes Amazonian is excellent in vitro (in the bag) and quite dependable on BRF (brown rice flour and vermiculite: PF TEK). Cubensis Amazonian also fruits well on grains and pasteurized or sterilized substrates (like compost and straw).

Psilocybe Cubensis Pes Amazonian is one of the magic mushroom strains that is recommended for starting cultivators.

Vial contains 10 ml of spore suspension. Sterile syringe, alcohol swab and instructions are included.

PES Amazonian Spore Vial (10ml)

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