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2X Growkit Fantasia Magic Truffle – BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

2X Growkit Fantasia Magic Truffle – BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

Non reçus. J'attend tounjours une réponse du service client....
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Lieferung, Preis und Service sind einfach perfekt.
Was die Effekte angeht, sind sie meiner Meinung nach in Ordnung.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Didn't like them too much. Ordered them together with the Atlantis ones and recognized a very strong, earthy taste that made it hard to swallow them. Regarding the effects, they do just fine i think. I just felt a higher body effect than with the Atlantis ones and i am aiming more for the mind/visual effects.

Delivery, price and service is just perfect. You will get pre-grown truffles you only need to activate for the last growth boost that takes around 3 days. You can also just consume them right away. However, they are extremely price efficient compared to fresh truffles. You get a lot for how little the kit costs and compared to other sites, with the offer, you get double the amount for only 10€ more.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

(Lee Gee)
Wonderful customer service from Avalon - after a few hiccups regarding the delivery address, my product arrived promptly and discreetly!

After harvesting two batches of Fantasia truffles I first embarked on a solo experience...

The universe sent me a gift in the form of a bag of weed which I found on my way to the gym that morning. I got home and smoked during the afternoon, rolled another for my journey and at 7pm ate a decent portion of the truffles.

I had no scales so took approximately 2/3 of the batch.

I started watching "The Night Before", movie, and by 7:40pm was tripping my arse off.

I'm acquainted with LSD, mushrooms and truffles, but had never taken them alone. I smoked bits of my joint along the way and had an absolutely amazing experience.

I had beautiful CEV and felt safe, loved and nurtured as if I was spending time in a warm, comfortable, womb-like confinement.
The OEV were out of this world - vivid colours, patterns, trails - truly mind-blowing! :-)

I felt re-born, as if I was a baby seeing/feeling the world for the first time. The sensations were truly remarkable - at some points I was even aroused.

Sometimes it was as if I was laying under a net curtain looking out, before being spun into a world of colour and movement at other times. Just looking at my hands or the blank wall was exquisite.

Bathroom breaks were separate trips in themselves due to the bright light in there.

Upon looking in the mirror near the end of my experience, I saw my face as hundreds of different people (as if from past lives or something), and I could see a sadness in my eyes that I've never seen before - which was really strange. I've been through a lot in life, but never really feel down at all... Everything happens for a reason!! :-)

It lasted for a good seven hours, and at 02:55 I ate the last few spoonfuls of the truffle soup I had not quite finished the night before (and smoked another joint).

I had more CEV in and out of sleep, then laid spaced out and happy for the rest of the day; and enjoyed the rest of the movie when I was back down to earth. A perfect choice of film to start and end my trip with!

Two days later I decided to trip again with a friend who had never had any type of experience like this before. I asked her what her intentions were - i.e., fun, laughter, healing, insight etc.; she asked for everything. WHICH SHE RECEIVED!

I ate more than I had the first time, and gave her around 15-20g. She is quite a big girl so the last thing I wanted for her was a lame half-trippy experience.

My own trip was very, very mild and I felt queasy for the first hour; determined to hold them down, I felt much better after the initial consumption. With my trip being mild I was also better able to take care of my friend and support her during her own journey... WHICH WAS PROFOUND!

She said she felt drunk and was amazed at her lack of body control at first. She started having OEV... Trying to shoo away the ceiling fan for getting to close to her, then saying she could see my soul as a bright light bursting through my chest where my heart is located - begging me to close it as it was showing her too much - but by the end she was laughing so hard watching my face turn into a dragon - and then a hen.

She shot to another dimension and mainly had CEV for the second couple of hours in. Her head buried in her pillow, at different points she was guided by beings/aliens/a teddy bear (a care bear), who wanted to show her things. She was confronted with a door that led into darkness which she was scared to go through. She came back to reality (ish), so I told her just to trust them and let them show her what she needed to see.

The beings were calling her and she told them she was coming back to them - she felt safer having her hand on my chest/soul/light so she could feel that she wasn't alone.

Amidst fear, happiness, love and laughter, she was back and forth between this dimension and the next, was shown the darkness that she had been allowing to consume her (out here), learned that she needs to love herself, was directed to the path that she should take, along with other insights that there is so much more to life than just the body, the importance of nature, the stupidity of ego and false masks.

She laughed and cried in succession for the best part of three hours, amazed at how much stuff she had bottled up inside of her, and was completely liberated after being honest with herself and the world; and the beauty of what she had just been shown.

She kept laughing at the fact that she could now understand me. She admitted that she'd never really understood much of anything I'd ever said to her (since meeting in 2013), and how it was all SO CLEAR NOW.

She was completely flabbergasted at how she could have been so blind before. Merely hearing words but not being able to process their meaning.

It was a true awakening and I was blessed to witness it!

She was unable to write her insights down and wanted to record an audio instead, so I put the phone on for her.

Still darting between dimensions, she laughed to the point of wetting herself (at least four times which made it even funnier), having to change her pyjama bottoms each time. At one point (the third time), she was sitting, staring into her wardrobe looking for another clean pair, so I found some and changed them for her while she laughed uncontrollably... Then she told me it had happened again... Less than 5 minutes later! As she lay there like a beached whale, I shoved a big handful of tissue paper down her trousers for backup.

When she was almost back to earth she wondered why she had the tissue there -then went spiralling into another laughing fit on her way to the bathroom as she remembered what had happened.

The audio's are brilliant.

My friend reported today that there must have been such a strong blockage inside her, that it had even stopped her from FEELING. She said that since taking the truffles, it has allowed her to feel sensations in and on her body that she simply could not feel before.

An overall perfect experience was had by each of us. Mother Nature gave us both EXACTLY what we needed.

I would highly recommend this strain... The only requirements I would suggest for any takers are that you are comfortable - and KEEP WARM!

Thank you Avalon for the great quality product. FIVE STARS ALL OVER!

Much love to all.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Delivery was fast and discreet. Harvested the 1st box on Saturday which yielded 55g. Took the truffles with my best friend (our 2nd truffle experience) & my Mrs which was her first time. Made truffle tea. Me and my friend had 20g each and the Mrs had 15g. She blasted off to another dimension with strong OEV. Me and my friend only got CEV like our first experience. We were all very happy, giggling, talking utter nonsense. The shapes in my CEV were incredible and the colours so bright. Will harvest the 2nd pack in a couple of weeks and try 30g in hope of getting the OEV. The experience is like nothing else and I would definitely recommend Avalon. Thanks.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

(Marcel Grau Jové)
I have tried truffles from some websites, but the best are from Avalon! More productive and more powerful! Fast shipping, good deals!
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

(Marcel Grau Jové)
I have tried truffles from some websites, but the best are from Avalon! More productive and more powerful! Fast shipping, good deals!
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Great stuff. Got ~60gr of truffles out of one package. The other one still growing :)
Very nice effects and insights with 20gr dose.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]