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2X Growkit Atlantis Magic Truffle – BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

Sterkte / Potentie: ****
Inhoud: 565 ml each
Gemiddelde opbrengst: 50-80 g each
Aantal vluchten: 1
2X Growkit Atlantis Magic Truffle – BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

Fast delivery these truffles where amazing. Not for crowd's. Did these on my wife's 50th. Just ordered more for my birthday 😁😁😁.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

After trying these in Amsterdam with a friend, finding out I could get them at HOME ion the UK was just insane.
I am currently reviewing, the day after having these, and I must say, they worked a charm!
Me and 2 others, are 8g of fresh (dried with decissant overnight) truffles, and it was (i felt) more than enough! A good 5 hour long trip, great effects to the body and mind, definitely recommend for those who want to trip without as much visuals.
Will definately be ordering them again!
Thankyou Avalon!!

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

This was my first ever order of grow kits back in the summer of last year and from what I've picked up from trying ever other truffle available in the kits and does of the coffee shops in dam I must say these ones are more on the side of less intense visuals more of your swaying visuals like that of a high dose of woodrose seeds or triply happy caps. Not the strongest of visuals but the open mind creativity and philosophical thoughts on anything you think of, is out of in the world !! My girlfriend at the time didn't understand certain things like chem trails left behind my plants in the sky or why the flowers in the shady parts where not as big as the ones in the shad, both very easy things to understand I know .. but they way I explained em to her and in such detail. I felt like a university teacher of oxford or some shit !! Was crazy smart for 4-6 hours !! Would recommend in smal dosages/micro for the smart enhancements it's brings but if your looking for intense visuals I wouldn't say this is the one .. nor would I ever reveal which one I think is .. as well to be honest I don't want it to ever be out of stock ;) ahaa' soo have fun exploring and experimenting my fellow phyconauts and save tripping ;) ahaa !!
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Payment and delivery fast and easy to the UK. TRIP REPORT:
I absolutely adore these truffles, they are so magical. I've taken this strain four times, twice in our beautiful local forest on hot glorious sunny days and twice at a festival (DO NOT RECOMMEND). Do not do these in busy public spaces such as festivals, too many people at it became very overwhelming at times, in the forest with someone you love on a nice day is perfect, everything becomes clear, the sunlight shining through the trees was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, our perception of depth really changed, my partner stood across the steam from me and he looked so far away it was hilarious, these are proper Alice in Wonderland truffles, standing above my partner he looked so small and I felt like a giant! When you close your eyes you can still see everything you were looking at clear as day but it becomes more colourful and begins to morph into patterns, nature looked alive, especially tree trunks, your vision becomes really HD and everything is magnified around you, waving your hand leaves ghost like trails. Sounds become more echoey and intense and you notice the tiny details like a greenfly landing on your arm which you'd never normally notice. Looking up at the clouds in the blue sky, they were morphing in geometric patterns, sunlight and warmth is the key to a fabulous trip! Literally counting down the months and weeks till summer comes back haha. The Atlantis truffles are really intense and are just so magical they make you feel content and one with the world around you! 100% recommend! Female, 5ft4" 140lbs 15 grams eaten, mild nausea, the come up is unbearably strange and uncomfortable but keep reminding yourself that in 15 minutes you'll be sound and you'll be on a magical 6 hour unforgettable ride! Thank you Avalon

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Fast delivery and really easy to harvest. The best truffles I've had highly recommend these 5 star + from me will be ordering more 😊
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Sent payment on the Friday, grow kits received by the Wednesday. Fast delivery and discreet packaging..
This was ordered as an experiment to treat depression and lift mood...
Wow! What an amazing product!!
After years of antidepressants use and no relief, tried the Atlantis truffles..
Took a little longer than expected to kick in, but once it did, the world seemed a better place!! Didn't take a large dose, about 3-4grams, but colours were vivid, felt very happy and everything just seemed better!! We couldn't stop giggling and felt happier in general. (I'm sure with a higher dose the experience would be much more intense but this was the vibe and experience we were hoping for and got!)
The day after, still feel much happier about life in general and don't have the heavy feelings of depression.
I honestly think for this reason, this is a wonder product!!!!!

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]