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Snuff box + pipe cassette - Royal Box

Product's compact size and dimensions fit in any wallet or pocket, just like a credit card (86mm x 54mm x 8mm)

8 Compartments
Weight: 35 g
1x Aluminium tube included
Extremely safe, quick, clean & easy to use
The Royal Box is specially made for people who love elegant solutions. It is a unique collectible made of 1st quality high-gloss plastic.

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Snuff box + pipe cassette - Royal Box
Unleash your style with the Royal Box snuff set, a masterpiece of discretion and sophistication for the modern sniffer. This exclusive storage box combines functionality with a touch of elegance, making it an essential accessory for enthusiasts. In fact, the lines can be made in advance and you take them with you wherever you go. The snuff kit comes with a tube included. 

Features of the snuff kit:
Design: The outside of the Royal Box is often covered with a stylish pattern, making it the perfect companion for trendsetters.

Durable Material: Made of high-quality material, the Royal Box is both strong and durable, keeping your valuable contents safe.

Compact and Portable: With its convenient size, the Royal Box easily fits in your pocket or purse, making it a discreet and portable solution on the go.

Multiple Compartments: Organize your snuff set efficiently with the different compartments in the box, keeping everything in place. (the lines and the tube)

Why choose the Royal Box?

The Royal Box embodies style, functionality and discretion. Whether you are a seasoned sniffer or just looking for a chic way to store your snuff supplies, this box is the perfect choice. Make a statement and upgrade your snuff experience with the Royal Box, available now on Dutch-smart.

Order yours today and add a touch of luxury to your daily routine!

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Snuff box + pipe cassette - Royal Box
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