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Vaporizers are the perfect tool for getting the most out of plant-based substances. Most of the time, these are cannabis, tobacco or other kinds of herbs. The Avalon Magic Plants range of products includes a wide variety of vaporizers, so take your time looking through our selection!

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Product 1 to 51 (of 51 products) Result:1

Our vaporizer types

Avalon Magic Plants offers all different types of vaporizers:

  • Portable vaporizers
  • Table top models
  • Pen models

The vaporizers also vary in terms of how they are heated, the heat source, the material of the base and the material of the tube. Several vaporizers use convection to heat the cannabis, while others use conduction. Convection means that the substance never makes contact with the heat source, because hot air is forced through the it instead. During conduction, the substance is placed on a metal plate to be heated directly. Basic vaporizers require a lighter as a heat source, while precision vaporizers make use of an electrical heat source. Logically, basic vaporizers are the most affordable.

The material

As it pertains to materials, the heating elements are typically made of ceramic components. The chamber in which the substance is drawn from the plant is generally made of glass. This is the most inexpensive way to produce this type of vaporiser and is the most common. Heating elements made of aluminium with metal extraction chambers are steadily becoming more common on the market.  The durability of the vaporizer is dependent on the materials used. The material for the tube is also very important. Many vaporizers are created with a plastic tube. The drawback of this is that the powerful, thick smoke can be hazardous in conjunction with a tube made of petroleum. It is for this reason that silicone tubes are now made as well.

Do you want to know more about our selection of vaporizers or do you have questions about using them? Please feel free to contact us!