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Vapman Classic - Vaporizer


The handmade Vapman vaporizer is made from the highest quality materials and fits in a hard plastic protective box. Fill the vaporizer with your favorite herb, heat it with a jetflame lighter and simply inhale.

This wonderful Swiss invention is easy to refill and clean, and fits easily in your pocket. Comes with an extensive user guide.

Vapman Basic & Vapman Classic

The Vapman vaporizer is available in two versions: Classic and Basic. The main difference between these two is the fact that the Basic Vapman is not equipped with mica heat protection, which results in a thin layer of burnt wood around the bowl. Over time, this layer provides insulation and prevents further combustion.

The Basic version is also made of unprocessed wood, instead of the oiled and polished wood of the Classic.

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Vapman Classic - Vaporizer