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Colanut 50 gram (kola nut)




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Colanut 50 gram

Colanut, also known as Kola nut, is the seed of a tree that grows in Africa, Jamaica and Brazil. The nut is rich in caffeine and the taste is bitter. In West Africa the nut is used to dispel tiredness and hunger. In Brazil and Jamaica, the nut is also used with food for taste or to promote digestion. In most of these countries, the kola nut is also chewed on because it works as an aphrodisiac and a stimulus for body and mind. 

Kola nut and Coca-Cola

The Colanut has been used for many years throughout history. In many West African cultures the nut is used as a stimulator and to suppress the feeling of hunger. The note is also used in ceremonies, in which the note is offered to guests. But it wasn’t until 1911 that kola nut gained worldwide popularity. through the seizure of forty barrels of kola nuts and some twenty kegs of Coca-Cola syrup by the US government. 

The government claimed that caffeine in the drink would be very harmful to health, as it supposedly led to "wild nocturnal outbursts, breaking school policies and even immorality." in school children. The main thing to take from this story, is that cola nut was actually used to create the delicious drink Coca Cola. If that is still the case today, is unknown, as the recipe for the beverage remains a secret. 

Effects and Ingrediënts

The effects of consuming kola nut is similar to coffee but stronger. You become alert and you get more endurance. The heart rate also goes up slightly. The effects usually lasts up to 6 hours. The kola nut is mainly used because of its stimulating properties and the ability to induce euphoric feelings. The effects are comparable with other xanthine-containing herbs such as cocoa, tea, coffee, guarana and yerba mate. When consuming kola nut, however, the effects are usually a bit more intense. 

The best known active compound in the kola nut is caffeine, which is naturally also in coffee. As many of you are aware of, caffeine provides the user with a stimulating effect and provides you with energy. In addition, the kola nut also contains theobromine, which works as a vasodilator, cough-damping and fluid-repellent. Theobromine is also found in cocoa. Recently scientists have demonstrated that theobromine has beneficial effects on coughing. In addition, there are also healthy fats, the minerals calcium, potassium and iron and vitamins B1, B2, B3 and C in the cola nut.


While Kola nut is a populair product, there are some risks involved in chewing and consuming it. Frequent chewing of the nut can lead to discoloration of the teeth. The high caffeine content can have an influence on the level of blood sugar.  Cola nut can also have an addictive effect when used too much for too long a period. After prolonged use, the heart rate and blood pressure may increase.

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Colanut 50 gram (kola nut)

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