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100% MYCELIUM Moby Dick - Mushroom Growkit 1200cc

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100% MYCELIUM Moby Dick - Mushroom Growkit 1200cc

Moby Dick is the latest variation in the Psilocybe cubensis world. This strange magical mushroom with a considerable lack of pigment was acquired after crossing two strains of cubenses — Albino A+ and Golden Teacher. The Moby Dick is very popular because of its strong effects and easy growth.

Psilocybe cubensis Moby Dick is the result of a genetic mix of two unusual mushroom strains, Albino A+ and Golden Teacher. It is a strange mushroom with a considerable lack of pigment in the caps. The caps have the light blue colour of a zombie or a corpse in water and have the tendency to tear before the fruiting body has reached full maturity. The stem is meaty and has an ivory colour; the base is covered with white down. Try this new variety; you will experience something totally new!

100% MYCELIUM Moby Dick - Mushroom Growkit 1200cc
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Absolutely brilliant had about 13 of these kits, they grow wonderful and the trips are really nice , that is what kept me buying the same now I have ordered a different strain for a while 😁🙌 would definitely recommend to new and old customers if you have not yet had . Thank you to the team that make this possible
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

My new favorite mushroom strain.
135g of fresh shiny gold mushrooms with blue caps in only 10 days!
The most beautiful I have ever seen and extremely potent!
Absolute recommendations!

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

We had to go out of town while the mushrooms were growing, so we gave them some extra water, took them out of the light and crossed our fingers. Upon return, 6 days later, the caps had busted. We were worried that they wouldn't work, but dried them out anyway and made really awesome little chocolate balls with the dried mushrooms ground up in them. The harvest ended up being about an ounce, dried.
In the end, they did work! They were not as strong as we would have liked, and the trip did not last more than a few hours, but otherwise we had a ball. Really great visuals, with vibrant colors - the whole world became sparkly and beautifully saturated in color. A friend said that he was able to hear all of the colors, lol. We also found that our moods were especially amorous, which we have not experienced with mushrooms previously. So there were lots of laughs, love-making, and frolicing outside enchanted by nature's beauty. I would highly recommend for someone who is nervous about losing control or getting too high. Personally, I want to push boundaries a little further, so we are going to try the moby dick again, when available, but keep a closer eye on the kit, and we will also try another strain that claims to bear a more intense result.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

I decided not to use the bag provided as they tend to suffocate mushrooms and went with a shotgun fruiting chamber of my own design with artificial humidity and temperature regulation. The first flush was 200 grams wet with the largest mushrooms weighing 20 grams! The second flush doesn't seem to be nearly as much which is disappointing because I was told by customer support that in the optimum conditions you can get up to 5 flushes but I'm satisfied with the result none the less. It worked, didn't grow loads of mould/contamination and the mushrooms effects themselves are pretty insane, eaten dry they give a very euphoric stimulating effect with brightened colours and the ability to find anything hilarious to the point of crying and headaches and facial strain from so much laughter, a great mushroom for house parties! 2 grams taken in a brew with lemon and honey the effects are quite different. Extremely strong visuals with vivid hallucinations of creatures and fractal patterns and deep introspective thoughts, similar to DMT which I found interesting. All in all a good kit that produces a lovely mushroom in a reasonable quantity.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]