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Magic Mushbag Rye


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Avalon's Magic Mushbag Rye contains sterilized rye grain that's suitable for the spawn production of most edible mushroom species. It's fitted with an air filter and rubber injection port that seals the bag hermetically after injection with a psilocye cubensis spore syringe or mycelium syringe.

Once the rye has been colonized with the mycelium, it can be used for a variety of cultivation methods.

Our Magic Mushbag weighs over 1200 grams and consists of sterilized biological rye (contains no pesticides or other harmfull substances).

Note: The Avalon Magic Mushbag does not contain a spore syringe or spores. To get these, make a selection from our spore syringes, spore prints and/or spore vials.

The process of creating mushrooms using the Avalon Mushbag is rather easy although you should be very carefull not to contaminate the mushbag after colonisation (after the spores have become a funghi).

    • Clean the rubber seal with the alcohol swab

    • Keep a lighter under the needle of your spore syringe (not included with Avalon Magic Mushbag)

    • Press the spore syringe a little so a few drops of fluid escapes (this cools the needle)

    • Inject the fluid through the injectionrubber

    • Store the Avalon Magic Mushbag in a dark and warm place (preferably 28 degrees celcius)

    • After full colonisation (the rye has become white) there are many ways to grow mushrooms from it, one way is to open the top of the bag and simply drop some vermiculite on top as a casing layer, fold the top of the bag, use paper clips to close the filterbag and wait until magic mushrooms start growing.

Have fun with our Magic Mushbag!
The Avalon Team

Magic Mushbag Rye

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Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

(Shazza )
Worked really well for my first time growing. I made some mistakes that didn't affect yield, but this bag helped me from making more or suffering more for my mistakes. A real must have for beginners, and I am still planning to keep using them for a while.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]