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Avalon Heating Mat Small - 14x15 cm

We do not suggest to place the mat directly under the growkit. The heating mat can get up to 35 degrees farenheit. This is too warm for the growkit.
We suggest to place a thin book between the growkit and the mat. This will prevent overheating. 
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Get more result/yield from your Avalon magic mushroom growbox with our Avalon Heating Mat Small. This heating mat is suited for 1 magic mushroom growbox.
If you want a heating mat for 2 magic mushroom growboxes click here for a heating mat large.

The Avalon heating mat brings the temperature up to 23ê C.

The Avalon Heating Mat uses only 5 Watts per hour.


Place the Heating Mat with the text up under the filter bag. Warning! do not place the kit directly omn the mat but make sure there is something in between both. Alsodo not forget to place a layer of 2 cm of water on the bottom of the filter bag!

make sure the temperature doens't clog up, with the risk of fire.

* Europlug
* 140 x 150 mm excl. wire
* 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz
* 5 Watts

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Avalon Heating Mat Small - 14x15 cm

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