2 Packs Hollandia Truffles (30 grams)



Buy 2 packs of Hollandia Magic Truffles for €29.95 instead of €35.90. That's a whoppalicious 17% discount!

The psilocybe Hollandia is a new hyper-strong magic truffle. The Hollandia is cultivated in Holland and is a must-try for the experienced psilocybe user who seeks a longer trip and heightened visual experiences. It’s the best and strongest magic truffle available at the moment.

What’s so special about the Hollandia Truffle?

The Psilocybe hollandia is grown by the largest and most sophisticated psilocybe grower in Holland. The last couple of years, they developed a new type of Psilocybe that contains almost twice as much active ingredients as the Atlantis truffle (Fruits of Utopia). At the same time, the taste is much better :)

Phenomenal visual effects

What really counts, is not the chemical amount of psilocybin, but the actual experience of the user. The users feedback they received established two things:

- the occurence of visual effects by using the Psilocybe hollandia is much more frequent than by using Atlantis truffles. As a matter of fact, they remain noticeable practically all the time.

- the visual effects are more colourful and overwhelming than any other magic truffle so far.

More intense, better taste

The Psilocybe hollandia is a magic truffle that takes you on an unforgettable journey. It's an experience you must share with your friends. At the start of the trip all colours and shapes will change to something special. Minutes later you will experience the most stunning visuals. With one portion of the hollandia truffles you can even enjoy two trips because half a dose is enough to experience an unforgettable night!

Because of the special growing process the truffle doesn’t have a sour taste. The magic truffle tastes like a walnut without being sour like most truffles.

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If this will be the first time you use magic truffles, make sure that a sober friend is around to help you out in case you feel uncomfortable, sick or scared. Click here to buy our Mushroom Stopper. Our Mushroom Stopper, it helps you to get out of your trip.


These are fresh truffles and must be stored in your refrigerator (not freezer!), if you do not use them immediately. The truffles can be stored up to a month in your refrigerator.

More effects and more fun time per euro

With the hollandia truffle, the usual 15 grams dose should only be taken by experienced users who know the effects of psilocybe on their body. If you are new to psilocybe, we recommend half a dose: 7,5 grams.

Although the hollandia truffle is twice as strong as other truffles – and has better taste and effects – the price is not doubled. The Hollandia magic truffle is a 2-pack, because you only need half a dose. So take this chance to trip twice for the same price.

So remember when you are considering to order the magic truffle: Psilocybe hollandia, the price is somewhat higher but the effects are twice as strong! Also remember the hollandia magic truffle is known as Psychonauts Delight!

Shipping restrictions

Please check if this product is legal in your country. We cannot send these products to countries outside Europe.

Reviews (11)
2 Packs Hollandia Truffles (30 grams)
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Great effects. Happy and at one with life. Thank you also for a quick delivery.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]
Avalon is as great as usual!
Delivery time is super fast,even though without tracking code...ordered thursday, sent friday and already on wednesday in my post box...what more can i say?!^^

the truffles are amazing..i ordererd now a few times and still good quality and as well good quantity with lots of effects..i think its the best you can get for the money!

thank you avalon and keep up high these standards!!! and i will be ordering again! ;)

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]
i found these truffles not as strong as the classic varieties, maybe thinking I had a bad batch as a friend also had fewer effects than the
Sclerotia tampanensis in terms of visuals bit disappointed but still this the lottery of nature

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]
Sehr gutes Produkt. Die Wirkung schlägt bereits nach etwa 15 Minuten ein. Die Farben wirken alle extrem satt und knallig. Auch die Visuals sind nicht von schlechten Eltern ;) Definitiv für Leute, die bereits Erfahrung mit Trüffeln / Pilze haben, meine Freundin hat sie nicht sehr gut verkraftet (war ihr 2. Mal). Aber das wird auch im Text erwähnt, also hört auf die von Avalon :D Alles in allem aber super Trip, gerne wieder. 5/5
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]
Best trufle I've ever tried.I eat 10g. And after 45' i had the first effects.The secont hour i was at my peak! Wonderful feeling dancing laughing and good visual effects. I strongly recommend this one especially with video clips!
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]
I can't say thanks enough for that product, if used right they reveal and unfold a so much.. keep it simple when I want a time for myself that is the way, and I tried a LOT of 'way'

the more you dig into it the more interesting it get, it should be mandatory too experience on certain level of maturity.

I really appreciate that service team.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

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