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Mazatapec Magic Mushroom Grow Kit - 1200cc

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This Avalon Magic Plants Mazatapec magic mushroom grow kit is the easiest way to grow your own magic mushrooms.

With this magic mushroom grow set you can harvest up to 5 flushes of mazatapec mushrooms!

This mycelium grow set contains the mycelium of the Psilocybe cubensis 'Mazatapec' strain.

The mycelium is colonized on a substrate of rye and perlite. The top layer is covered with vermiculite.

These kits are fresh so you need to set them up right away.

Have fun growing your own Mazatapec shrooms!

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Unfortunately no exceptions can be made.

Side note for our US customers, keep in mind that we are not able to ship to the following states; Idaho, Georgia & California.


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Mazatapec Magic Mushroom Grow Kit - 1200cc
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