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Mazatapec spore syringe (20cc)

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The Mazatapec mushroom is another great psilocybe cubensis mushroom from Mexico, as this strain is picked around Mazatapec Mexico. For those of you into the spiritual side of mushrooms, we are sure you will enjoy this magic mushroom a lot. It is well known that magic mushrooms from Mexico tend to deliver a very powerful spiritual journey. We've heard a lot of great feedback from our customers who bought the Mazatapec Mushroom Grow kit.

This Mazatapec mushroom spore syringe (10ML) is one having very beautiful visions after embracing its gift. Although you may have a tremendous spiritual or visual experience on these, you'll need a little patience. The Mazatapec magic mushrooms tend to colonize a little slower them most other psilocybe cubensis strains.

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Mazatapec spore syringe (20cc)

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