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Hawaiian XL Mycelium box (2100 ML)


Hawaiian XL MYCELIUM BOX (2100 ML)

This Hawaiian XL-Mycelium Box is an enhanced Mycelium box with 80% more substrate than the medium sized Hawaiian mushroom kit. Ever since we launched this kit, it's been a huge success among the mushroom connaisseurs.

This XL-MyceliumBox contains the mycelium of the Psilocybe cubensis 'Hawaiian' strain. The Ecuador mycelium is colonized on a substrate of rye and perlite. The top layer is covered with vermiculite.

Our online manual for the XL mycelium box can be viewed at www.mushroomgrowbox.org.

There are no paperclips included in these boxes.

Because the kits are fresh we recommend to set them up right away.

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We do NOT ship to countries outside the E.U.

If in doubt, please contact us and we will inform you if we will ship these XL mushroom boxes to you!!!

Mushroom growbox manual


Step 1
Wash your hands thoroughly and clean the outside of the grow kit with a clean, damp cloth. Remove the lid, but keep it for step 3.

Step 2
Fill the kit with water up to the edge of the kit (20 º C). Place the lid and let the mushroom growkit soak for 12 hours ( if this is your second flush you let the kit soak for 8 hours).

Step 3
After soaking, remove the lid of the grow kit and carefully pour off the water, until the last drop.

Step 4
Add warm water (20 º C) to the grow bag.

  • For the 2100cc grow kit: 2 cups (0,5 liters)
  • For the 1200cc grow kit: 2 cups (0.5 liters)
  • For the 250cc grow kit: 1 cup (0.25 liters)

Put the grow kit in the grow bag. Make sure the water does not go over the edge of the grow kit.

Step 5
Close the growing bag by folding the top of the bag and secure it with one or two paperclips (part of the grow kit package).

Step 6
Put the grow kit in a place out of direct sunlight but enough daylight, and not on or near a heater or heat source. The ideal temperature is between 20 and 25 º C. Make sure there is sufficient sunlight.

Step 7
The first mushrooms will be visible in 10 to 12 days.

Step 8
The mushrooms should be harvested just before the skin underneath the hats starts to loosen up.
The harvest: grab the stem gently and turn the mushroom to the left and than to the right and gently pull. This way you can remove the mushroom as complete as possible. This way you can reuse the grow kit.


Enjoy your shrooms!

new flight
After harvesting, clean the surface of the grow and remove the old and dead mushrooms, so the new mushrooms have the ability to grow. Put the grow kit for the best results in the refrigerator overnight. Caution! Not colder than 2 ° C.

Start again from step 2 for the next harvest.



  • The ideal climate is 22 º C.
  • Work very clean!
  • When using a heating mat, make sure there is between the heating mat and the growkit. (1 cm) 
  • Don't use a heating mat for temperatures above the 20 degrees. 
  • Try to avoid mushroom spores on the substrate, it will kill the mycelium.
Hawaiian XL Mycelium box (2100 ML)

Top, sehr empfehlenswert! Wenn man sauber arbeitet und Geduld hat, klappt es auch. Nach 20 Tagen war der erste Pin zusehen, also so wie immer bei mir.
Die Pilze sind zwar nicht ganz so groß geworden wie z.B. bei den Mexicans XL die ich beim letzten mal hatte, dafür aber umso potenter!!
Der Trip mit 1,2g Hawaiianer (getrocknet) war etwa vergleichbar mit einem 3g MexicanXL-Trip (getrocknet)! Also aufpassen mit der dosierung ;)
Ansonsten alles bestens, gerne wieder!
Gute Reise! 🌈

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Also, wer schlau ist, und sich informiert, wird es klappen.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

This Growkit didn't work out for me and completely stalled in their Growth. I was left with just small and sprouted Shrooms but Support kindly sent me Vials instead.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Mega nice kann die nur weiter empfehlen
Alles easy nächsten werden wieder bestellt
Don‘t worry Don‘t cry eat Shromms and Fly

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Mega nice kann die nur weiter empfehlen
Alles easy nächsten werden wieder bestellt
Don‘t worry Don‘t cry eat Shromms and Fly

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Sehr ergiebig und unkomplizierte, das Kit so we beschrieben aufstehen h d voila es wachsen Pilze....
habe von dem ersten durch Gang 8g in getrocknetem Zustand erzeugt. Nun ist der 2te Durchgang angefangen😀😃💫✨

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]