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Peyote 2 - 3cm - Lophophora williamsii


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Peyote Cactus 2 - 3cm | Lophophora Williamsii

Peyote (Lophophora williamsii) is the sacred cactus of the Native American Church. The green parts of the Peyote cactus are harvested for their mescaline, which is a potent entheogen. These specimens of Peyote cacti are for growing indoors.

These Peyote cacti should be grown for a couple of years before their green buttons can be harvested (which can be done without killing the cactus itself).

size: 2-3 cm

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Peyote 2 - 3cm - Lophophora williamsii


All perfect. It arrived in good condition. It grows very very slow. Very happy to have my own peyote. It blooms and gives seeds.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Read a book about lophophora williamsi and take good care of it. You will get a strong cacti witch a nice trip. Make sure you prepare it the traditional way!
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

(Charles Rogoski)
I received this product approximately 3 years ago almost 4 maybe and although it has not grown at all in size really its overall health has stayed very strong with a very nice medium dark green skin which was only slightly damaged when I received it but it appeared to be from removing a pup from the base of the root but it healed quickly and is almost not even able to be noticed at this point. the button itself is very hard and healthy going softer when its not happy or overwatered but stiffens back up as the problem gets resolved and actually seems stronger and hardier after each time this happens. it has yet to flower in all the years I have had it in a south facing window. I don't eat these cacti I just grow them for the love well more passion of growing a myriad of different plants. starting them from seed was very difficult and took a very long time to not only germinate but also grow large enough to be transplanted into their own containers. If someone were looking to add a specimen of this cacti to there collection I would suggest buying larger buttons already rooted rather than seeds or grafted cacti so that you can get accustomed to its preferences and what not to do than move on to larger peyote cacti, grafted or grafting your own or simply starting seeds all of these are way more unforgiving if you make a mistake and you will be upset losing them after a while they become like pets or family members and they can outlive a person easily given the right environments.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]