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Peyote Fricii 3-5 cm - Lophphora fricii


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Peyote Lophphora Fricii is finally available at Avalon Magic Plants!

The Peyote Fricii cacti are over 3 years old and have already flowered or are flowering. So they are ready to be harvested and consumed.
These cacti are suitable for growing indoors.

Peyote Lophphora Fricii
The substances in the peyote cactus are:

* anhalaninine
* anhalonidine
* hordinenine
* lophophorine
* mescaline (3,4,5- trimethoxy-B-phenethylamine)
* n-methylmescaline
* n-acetylmescaline
* o-methyllanhalonidine
* pellotine
* thyramine

The mescaline content in dried Peyote can reach almost 7%

Do not combine with alcohol, MAO inhibitors or other drugs.
Do not use during pregnancy or nursing, suffering from depression or if you are a minor. By use of peyote, do not participate in traffic. Make sure there's someone nearby who you can watch out for you. Store in original container in a dry place, keep away from children.

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Peyote Fricii 3-5 cm - Lophphora fricii

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