Ephedra sinica Ma-huang (20 seeds)

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Ma-huang (Ephedra sinica) seeds
Family: Ephedraceae

Grow your own Ephedra!

The Chinese herb Ephedra sinica, better known as Ma Huang, is a
perennial, primitive shrub. Native to the steppes of north and
northwestern China. Ma-huang is an herb of controversy, it contains
Ephadrine a alkaliod used in many weight loss products.
Ma-huang has been used as a stimulating herb in Chinese medicine
for thousands of years.

Ma-huang prefers full sun and dry, sandy soils. The seed is easy to
germinate in a warm, sandy medium. We grow the plants in a sand
mulch, about 4 inches thick, in the full sun, with moderate watering.

The seeds offered here are strictly for horticultural use.
Consult the disclaimer before your order.

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Ephedra sinica Ma-huang (20 seeds)

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