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Salvia 3 Package Deal


We have permanently lowered our prices on all Salvia Divinorum Products, starting from now! The old price was €44.95, new price is €34.95.

With this Hallucinogenic Salvia Divinorum Extract Package deal from Avalon Magic Plants you get the best of what Salvia Divinorum Extract has to offer.

This salvia combi package contains the following salvia divinorum extracts (all 1 gram):
- Hallucinogen Salvia 10X extract (1 gram)
- Hallucinogen Salvia 20X extract (1 gram)
- Hallucinogen Salvia 30X extract (1 gram)

Salvia divinorum extract is very easy to use. Place the amount of salvia extract that you intend to use in the bowl of a small pipe. First take a deep breath of fresh air, then exhale to empty your lungs, then immediately apply a flame to the salvia extract and inhale the whole dose of smoke in one lungfull. It is important to hold the flame immediatly above the material and to draw it down into the extract as you inhale. The Salvia extract must be heated to a relatively high temperature in order to vaporize the active principal. It is very important to hold the smoke deeply in your lungs for a good 20-30 seconds before exhaling. It takes time for salvinorin-A to condense out of the smoke and be absorbed by the lungs. If you exhale too soon much of it will be wasted. That would be a shame!

This Salvia Divinorum Extract Package Deal guarantees the best, and cheapest, legal trip in the world!

The Salvia 30X dosage has been described as very potent, and we recommend that you exercise caution when using this product.

The Avalon Team

Salvia 3 Package Deal

Excellent product! Not only is it cheaper than buying them separately, but it is also of an amazing quality!
This is my first time trying salvia, or any psychedelic, and it was really weird and interesting. I started with a dose of 0.1g, but I ended up smoking probably less because I coughed a little at the end of the hit and the remaining bits flew out of the pipe, but it was an interesting experience anyway. It was really weird when the effects started fading, I was concious, but I wasn't sure if my reality was the real one, I was worried that I was immagining everything, and the trip didn't end yet. But now I am totally sober and reality is real again lol.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

best product in the salviashop ever, cheapy, good and three different type of product very interesting. recommented
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

me and the mate had memory's of trying salvia years back and remembered it to be slightly trippy short lived and just a bit of fun. so we thought wed chuck this in with our order and give it another go. HOLY S**T! this stuffs stronger than we remember. i think we had about 0.1 in a bowl each of the x20 and my god! haha! im a very experienced tripper by the way. mushrooms lsd you name it. but my God salvia is something else. and not necessarily in a good way. short trip 10 or 15 min but in that time i thought a giant wheel was tearing through the house destroying everything and even ran (stumbled) on to the street to check the street was still there. the old salvia saying is true i believe. youll probably only try it once haha or twice if you leave it long enough and then remember why you left it hahahah
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

I tried this on my birthday and after 6-8, 7.4% polish beers and 12gs of high Hawaiian truffles I remember trying to screw over my bro with a fat bowl of x30 for revenge for the first time he give me x60 unknowingly back in 2010/11, I remember loading the bowl up and giving it to him which he doesnt usually rip bongs, he said it was blocked to which it kinda was, but me with my lungs assisted him.. stupidly inhaling it all!! ..With the concoction of stuff all ready in side my system, WOW!! One of the hardest intense trips of my life, similar to K2 but more extreme and of course less dangours cos it's pure herb and no chemical but anyways my life was literally like a piece of Origami. My eye vision would literally run from he end of each arm span, I would lift my left arm my left eye vision would sink I'm with it, my right eye the same .. I member raising both hands above my head and BOOOOMMM I was in complete darkness then a flash of light and I was travelling the world like a drone !! It was madness !! Beautiful but madness, soo intense I felt I had traveled the entire world Ina 15/20 minute trip from the safari of Africa to the amazone jungle to the North Pole it was mad crazy till the day I advise people DO NOT MIX with anything!! God knows what my brother witnessed he just said he thought I was dead until I suddenly shot up and started spinning round in a circle trying to find earth !! Not for beginners !!
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Excellent product. good quality salvia extract.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Surprisingly intense! Read up well before any experiment, this is disorientating enough to make the first experiences harsh and confusing. Be safe psychonauts and happy trails! This will take you to/on wild rides and leave you sweaty afterwards!
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]