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Gold 420 Ufo Grinder - Fire Flow

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Gold 420 Ufo Grinder - Fire Flow
These grinders are made of high-quality metal. With a wide selection of fascinating 3D designs and high-quality finishes, these grinders proudly bear the signature of the esteemed FIRE-FLOW™ brand. Strength and precision come together in the 4-piece design, making grinding an effortless and efficient experience.

FIRE-FLOW™ is proud to offer an impressive range of visually stunning 3D designs that cater to different tastes and preferences. 
Durability and functionality form the backbone of these grinders' construction. The precisely designed teeth ensure a smooth and consistent grind, while the easy-to-use magnetic closure adds an extra layer of convenience.

● 60 mm wide.
● 4-piece.
● Diamond-shaped teeth.

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Gold 420 Ufo Grinder - Fire Flow
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