Palo santo - Bursera graveolens


Palo santo

Palo santo is used by medicine-men and shamans at ayahuasca ceremonies, rituals, healing and cleansing sessions. It has a surprisingly strong and sweet smell when burned, which is why palo santo is used as incense.

Burning a small piece of wood gives a peaceful warm atmosphere and leads you into a pleasant relaxed state of mind.

Palo santo - Bursera graveolens
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Worth the money. Smells amazing, very peaceful, no start of a meditation journey is a start without this beautiful wood, and lasts a long time. Keep up the excellent work!
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Very pleasant smell :-)

Definitely better than cheap incense skticks.

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Awsome Quality, smells great and i like these big wood pieces.
I always try to "carve' the pieces to burn carefully and to save the parties with an interesting wood pattern such as knots, they are
nice lucky charms.
Came back for more.

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Awesome quality! Good smell, like beeing in the Amazonas forest :-)
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Palo santo, I just love the smell! A must have in every ritual, or just to burn in your home. It will give your home a lovely sweet smell for many days. I got 1 piece of 70g, so I chop't it in 5 smaller pieces. So it would last a very long time to burn it all.
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