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Stash Can Tin Big 800g - Saure Kutteln

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Stash Can Tin Big 800g - Sauerkraut
At first glance, you'd expect a tin of sour meat, but that's exactly what makes this such an effective Stash. This stash can is the discreet solution for hiding money, jewellery, USB sticks, keys and other items that should not be found. This large stash can has an original tin label, an invisible screw cap and has a capacity of about 750 ml. Place it in your kitchen cupboard among the other cans and be careful not to open it on the wrong side with a can opener. 

Note: These are original cans. The cans may have slight dents or signs of use!

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Stash Can Tin Big 800g - Saure Kutteln
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