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Stacker 2 (100 caps)


This Stacker contains Tri-GuggLyptoid3 Complex, an unique blend and responsible for the main weight loss effects of this Stacker. The added Caffeine will result in higher feelings of energy, just like Cola Nut, Yerba Mate and Gymnema. The combination of energy increasing ingredients, Tri-GuggLyptoid3 Complex and antioxidants are perfect for everyone who need just a little help from a herbal supplement to loose weight or to get some energy.

Take 1 capsule with plenty of water after a meal, with a maximum of 3 per day. Do not take in the evening.

Stacker 2 (100 caps)

the first fatburner I ever used and I am really satisfied with the effect. After 30 minutes you feel energized and full of power. Don't think that this is healthy for your body if you take it for a longer period of time. but if you want to loose weight this is your stuff
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