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Stacker 4 - 100 caps

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Stacker 4 - Fat Burner

Since the successful introduction, many people have compared this product to the 'old' Stacker 4 formula and it has been found to meet the demands in terms of weight loss. Stacker 4 has a very sophisticated composition aimed at losing surplus kilos. At the same time it provides a huge energy boost, keeping you sharp and alert.

Stacker 4 is one of the most powerful weight-loss products to be invented and is a true gem.

Stacker 4 is the strongest and best selling fat burner in whole Europe!Stacker is manufactured to not waste any muscle while losing weight, Stacker burns fat only and nothing else!

Take 1 capsule with plenty of water after a meal, with a maximum of 3 per day. Do not take in the evening.

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Stacker 4 - 100 caps
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