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100% MYCELIUM Ecuador - mushroom growkit 1200cc

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100% MYCELIUM Ecuador - mushroom growkit

Avalon’s 100% Mycelium kits are 100% colonized by mycelium substrate to get the best yields possible. You don’t need to soak these under water, just a little spraying with water every now and then. If you follow the instructions, nothing can go wrong. You’ll get the best magic mushrooms with hardly any effort!

The Ecuador is one of the more populair strains, and very recognizable as a real cubensis. Thanks to its long meaty stem with a large caramel-coloured cap they are easily recognized by real psychonauts and mycologists. This strain was discovered in the beautiful Andes mountains of Ecuador, at 1100+ meter altitude. These mushrooms are ast robust as the habitat they originate. Its average length of 13 centimenters makes it one of the largest and most potent cubensis variants. Even though it may take a while for the cubensis to colonize, they grow even under the worst environments, and eventually all the substrate will colonize. The ecuador is a recommended object of study for mycologists and biologists for its famous classic Cubensis features.

Strain origin: Andes, Ecuador/Peru, South America
Appearance: The cap (50-75mm in diameter), varies in convexity. The colour wil change from cinnamon-redbrown to goldbrown, the stem from lightyellow to lightbrown, the grey lamella or grill turns blacker during maturity.

Strength: 3,5/5

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100% MYCELIUM Ecuador - mushroom growkit 1200cc
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First I had a normal growkit but there were no mushrooms after a couple of months. I emailed Avalon and they send me this 100% mycelium kit. After 1,5 weeks I had pinheads. These kits are really good and the service was even better 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Definitely worth it!! After using truffles with my meditations for years, I finally made the switch to growing mushrooms myself. What an amazing experience! Definitely more spiritual and enlightening than experiences with magic truffles. I feel this is due to the bond you develop while cultivating the mushrooms. "Cultivating" makes it sound so difficult...these grow kits are amazing and simple! Just open up, place in the back, keep at moderate temperature, and keep moist...and they grow. They grow FAST and EASY. Not only that, the trip was far more invigorating and intense than anything I have experienced with truffles. If you have the patience to wait for these miracles to grow, it is DEFINITELY worth the investment!
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Very good grow kit! Ideal for people how want to have fast results. The 100% mycelium kits are much faster ready for harvest then the regular ones. About the mushroom: The P. cubensis Ecuador, is a good strain for starters. Not too heavy body high but smood visual. trip. P. cubensis where my first paddo's I ever eat, I love them ;-).
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

The guys at Avalon say these 100% mycelium kits are better than the XL's. Well, they are! I got an Equador and a McKenna, both gave exactly the same yield on the first flush - 28g when cracker-dried. Later flushes? I don't know yet, I guess I'll leave a rating on the McKenna about that :-)

By the way, I am very happy with the service I received from these guys. They are serious, professional sellers who care about customer satisfaction. I had a few problems with their products sometimes (living stuff is not industrial stock!) and they always made it right. Every single time. That's why after years and years, I'm still a happy, returning customer. Shop with confidence!

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]