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Psilocybe Dragon Truffle (15 grams)

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The Psilocybe Dragon is a very special magic truffle. These magical truffles were sold in Smarts Amsterdam hops and are finally available here online at Avalon!

The magic truffle Psilocybe dragon is a variant of Psilocybe atlantis and gets its name from its sometimes bizarre form factor that resembles a dragon. Thanks to the process, which allows balanced breeding the magic truffle more time to develop, a superior quality truffle is created.

More effects and more fun for a euro
With the Dragon truffle, the usual 15 gram dose should only be taken by experienced psychonauts who know the effects of psilocybe on their body. If you're new to psilocybe, we recommend half a dose (7.5 grams).

Mushroom Stopper - Bad Trip Stopper
If this will be your first time using magic truffles, make sure you have a sober friend around to help you in case you feel uncomfortable, ill or scared. Click here to buy our Mushroom Stopper . Our Mushroom Stopper will help you get out of your trip.

These are fresh magic truffles and should be stored in your fridge (not freezer!) if you are not using them immediately. Magic truffles can be stored for up to a month in your fridge. 

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Psilocybe Dragon Truffle (15 grams)
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