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Peyote 3 heads - Lophophora williamsii


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Nice and not so often found Lophophora williamsii (Peyote) with two or three heads. This is not the caespitosa but a straight lophophora williamsii peyote cacti which happens to be born as twins or triplets (3 heads), sometimes even as quadruplets (4 heads).

The total width of the plant is 4-5 cm. The heads are around 2-3 cm each. Plant age is around 5 years.

Peyote 3 heads - Lophophora williamsii

Purchased two of these last year. They were a little small but are growing beautiful. In excellent condition. Fast and discreet postage.
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I have one and they a growing very nice :)
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Arrived very quickly, looks n very good condition cant wait to watch them grow and give them a go
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I want to order one but I don't even know if it will make it all the way to California
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(Saro Bedian)
I received about ten of these cacti in little planters and kept them under a light to make sure they don't die. They don't do well in direct sunlight, it will kill them. When I prepared them, I cut the buttons at the base and then boiled them for six hours into a shot, it worked great and no sickness. I recommend to anyone interested in the real peyote experience.
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Hawe ordered this Litll Frend..:) AND HEr we go .him stay in my windows looking to the sun from my site :) Healthi littl frend.:) SUPER peyote.:) Nowe onli need to bite in :) Thenks Avalon .:) my happy.
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