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Tabernanthe iboga (10 fresh seeds)


A very rare offering from Cameroon in Africa. The Iboga Seeds are organically grown and very hard to find.
Our good friend in Cameroon has just harevested these freshly.

T. iboga, the source of ibogaine, is claimed to be useful in the treatment of addictions.
Tabernanthe iboga is a beautiful plant, and as an ornamental it's worthy of a place in the botanical hall of fame. Speaking as one who's been there and done that, ibogaine, in the treatment of addiction, is over glorified by lovers of psychedelics.

Tabernanthe iboga (10 fresh seeds)

Please do not buy these seeds! This is one of the hardest to grow plants in the world, and definitely one of the most incredible. They barely even grow in Cameroon and Gabon, the only countries they are found. People have devoted their lives to trying to grow iboga in these countries. You will NOT be able to grow this where you are. Please leave the seeds to be grown in Cameroon and Gabon
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"Over glorified", spoken like a true idiot! iboga saved me from a terrible drug addiction, its nothing short of miraculous. The only known drug to repair damaged neuro connections. If it was legalized in this country it could put an end to the opiate crisis! I cannot stand people who pass judgment without any research!
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]