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Acacia Confusa 10 seeds (acacia petit feuille)

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Acacia Confusa seeds - small Philippine acacia, Formosa acacia (Taiwan acacia) and Formosan koa

Acacia confusa is a great plant for Ayahausca preparations. This acacia confusa bark is originated from Hawaii. The Acacia rootbark is ethically harvested from 60-100 year old trees and the consistency is amazing.

It is used as a herbal drink in Taiwan. Little research has been done, but successful Ayahuasca preparations and direct oral activity using the root bark (and possibly, ordinary bark) have been reported.
Ayahuasca analogs prepared with Acacia confusa root bark are known as Formosahuasca.

We supply the acacia confusa in 2-5 cm chopped root bark.

The Herb here is strictly offered as botanical specimen. Not for consumption. Consult the disclaimer before your order.

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Acacia Confusa 10 seeds (acacia petit feuille)

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