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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar - 10 seeds




Freshly imported Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, straight from Madagascar.

The seeds of the Argyreia nervosa vine contain a high percentage of LSA, a compound with a long shamanic history that generates a powerful psychedelic experience.

The seeds are strictly offered as botanical specimen. Not for consumption. Consult the disclaimer before your order.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar - 10 seeds

En mi primera vez con este tipo de producto, por precaución sólo tomé 3 semillas para ver qué efectos producía. Las mastiqué directamente y tomé un té al mismo tiempo. Al principio la experiencia fue positiva, con un acusado sentimiento de bienestar y leves, pero agradables, alucinaciones.La sensación de bienestar me llevó a quedarme dormido aproximadamente 2 horas después de la ingesta. Al despertar no me encontraba nada bien. Se me disparó la tensión arterial con dolor fuerte de pecho y tuve muchas nauseas. Esto duró aproximadamente 6 horas más.
La próxima toma bajaré la dosis y si noto efectos parecidos, las semillas se van al wc.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Delivery came a week after the purchase. Ingested the crushed seeds after a quick non-polar extraction: 2 seeds, mild effects with little/no nausea. 4-5 seeds, mild visual effects and heavy body load. The seeds seem to be a bit old (really hard to crush them). Nonetheless the effects (visual and sedative) are very strong. The whole experience lasts every time like 6 or 10 hours. Next time I'll try a sublingual absorption (after the non-p extraction) since I believe it's the best way to avoid all the bad stuff and the nausea.
Advice for beginners, start low and then increase the number of seeds, and most important remember that there is a time span (usually between 1h to 2h) until the seeds start making their effect (if you eat them).

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

The item arrived quickly. Just want to make it clear the service provided by Avalon is excellent. The experience was interesting. This was only the second psychedelic I have ever taken but It was definitely a lot more intense than anything I'd had prior (even though I only had 5 seeds). The bad thing is that I felt like I was dying the whole time (physically) and the friend I did it with threw up after around 15 minutes. The visuals got pretty intense at times but my setting was less than ideal so I would like to try this again at some other point in time. Hopefully I'll have a better time.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

(ja town)
bad idea to start with 10 seeds of the Madagascar strain! ^

start with 3-5 !

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

(Gabor Bojeczan)
I decided to go hard and see whats these seeds spiritual powers about. I only had food 3 hours before some soup. So I took 10 seeds. I washed them with liquid soap and water, removed any excessive husk. Soaked them for 3 hours in mineral water. Then dried them, cut them half, placed them into mug. Poured hot water on them and covered the mug with a little saucer plate for 1,5hour.
I drank the tea and then ate all the white kinda beans/seeds from inside and disposed the dark color shells/husk. After 30 minutes started to feel excited and happy, little blurs. No nausea at all! 1 hour later glows and sharp objects. Then I decided to eat a sandwich, 10 minutes after that the trip started. It was going up very hard and in 10 minutes went out of my control totally. Everything was flowing and super intensive. I got paranoid and wanted to puke but nothing came out. So I knew I have to go on my journey there is no turning back. I heard my heart was pumping and all my subconscious mind voices become my new reality and I felt like I have to take control and calm down or thats gonna be a big bad trip. When I sat down and calmed myself I realised I can control the way I feel and my hallucinations. And it worked. So I started to program my subconscious mind and after that found myself in a big deep space traveling in the universe. There was few moment when I knew Im in my room...but the whole trip was about dealing with my hidden issues and desires and my subconscious mind. During that traveling i was in big deep space. The hallucinations with open eyes and with closed eyes were so intensive and joyful with tons of happiness. Objects had energy auras and everything was forming into different shapes. After 4 hours I fall asleep when my mind got tired. When I woke up middle in the night I was so tired and still tripping. Anytime I went out to bathroom I seen no ground and the whole ceiling was like a sky with space content. It felt so real. The whole fantastic trip was 10 hours, and in the morning I felt a bit lightheaded. Since then I feel much better, relaxed and my life perspectives turned into super positive. I love that sacred spirit power...with one word: FANTASTIC! :)

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]