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A professional kit to make your own Absinthe. The absinthe will have the same taste as the original drink from the 19th and early 20th century. Only vodka or liquor has to be added.

Absinthe is an alcohol made from a number of different herbs, most notably wormwood ê Artemisia absinthium. It was very popular among the artist and writer crowd in the 19th and early 20th centuries and was known for its mild hallucinogenic properties. It was banned in most Western nations by the 1920s and remained virtually unavailable until a widespread revival in the 1990s following its re-legalization.

The Absinthe kit contains:
- the absinthe-typical thujon-containing herbs & spices
- absinthe-cocktail & longdrink-recipes
- postcard sized sticker for your absinthe bottle
- the special spoon which is used since the early days to let melting sugar drop into a glass of absinthe
- a description of this absinthe-ritual
- the detailed instructions on how to make your own absinthe with a high thujon level
all herbs come in separate plastic bags in a nice storage box.

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Absinthe Kit

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