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High Hawaiians Truffles (22 grams)



The High Hawaiian truffles, also known as Psilocybe Tampelandia, are the strongest magic truffle available. These magic truffles are not for the first time user nor faint hearted.

What Effects of High Hawaiians truffles can you expect?

In about ten minutes after you've taken the hawaiian truffles, the first effects appear. You will notice the daily reality changing, this often causes big laughter. After the laughter you can expect visuals and changing reality.

The kind of trip depends on what mood you are in. So your experiences can be very different from what you read or heard. Each person reacts differently to the psilocybine The trip takes about 4-6 hours and expires gradually. Although your body can handle the psilocybine easily, it can be confusing for your state of mind. We always advise to take the hawaiian truffles in a quiet, peaceful environment (preferably the outdoors, like the woods or the beach), where you can fully enjoy the effects of the truffles. Always have a "sitter" accompanied who can watch over you while you have the best experience of your life.

Usage of the High Hawaiian Truffles

- Start with half a dose to test the effects on your body and state of mind. The active substance psilocybin begins to have an effect after about forty-five minutes. Consume magic truffles in safe and quiet surroundings.

- The High Hawaiian truffles are fresh and have to be stored at 4 degrees Celsius. Do NOTstore them in your freezer.

- Normally 8-12 grams give a mild/moderate trip, 13-20 grams a strong trip.

- It is possible that the hawaiian truffles dry out a little bit during the transit to you, the weight decreases a bit. But don’t worry, this will not affect the potency of the magic truffles.

- The effect can be reached best on an empty stomach. Chewing well and long enhances the effects.

- Another method is to make tea from the hawaiian truffles. Cut the truffles into small pieces, add them into a cup, add hot water (not boiling hot) and let it stay for approximately 20 minutes. You can add honey to sweeten the brew. Ordinary sugar or vitamin C will interfere with psilocybin and stop the trip.

Mushroom Stopper - Bad Trip Stopper

If this will be the first time you use magic truffles, make sure that a sober friend is around to help you out in case you feel uncomfortable, sick or scared. Click here to buy our Mushroom Stopper. Our Mushroom Stopper, it helps you to get out of your trip.


Do not use when pregnant or nursing. Do not take if you’re severely depressed or if you have a latent psychosis. Do not combine with stimulants or alcohol, or medication that affects your nervous system (MAO-i, SSRI, etc.). Do not use with the intent of driving motorized vehicles and do not partake in traffic. Do not use if you’re under 18 years old.

Shipping restrictions

Please check if this product is legal in your country. We cannot send these products to countries outside Europe.

High Hawaiians Truffles (22 grams)
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Pretty good product, however I liked the atlantis truffles more! for some reason I had way more visuals on atlantis.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

I ate the whole packet. (Fasted during the day etc)

Zerooooo affect !!!!

Hugely disappointed !!!!

Twice I have ordered truffles from Avalon. Twice I haven’t experienced a thing.

Money wasted.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Amazing stuff! Ordered them again. Great buzz, minimum visuals and alot of laugh that’s what i like. Wicked site, fast delivery. Highly recomend!0
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Very nice truffles,delivery just 2 days
Fresh and working stuff

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

My first truffles that I ever tried were these and I am quite pleased I didn't get many visuals perhaps it's because I have a very high tolerance I have consumed exactly 12.3 grams which was exactly half of the packet I didn't eat anything for 6 hours so I had an empty stomach next time I will do the whole packet 22grams but I still highly recommend this product as it has gave me the feeling of wellbeing and ecstasy I will buy again :-)
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Great trip in Amsterdam . Watched over first timer too. We both laughed and had great time with visuals
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]