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Pajaritos 15 grams


Psilocybe Pajaritos - Magic Truffle


Feel like a little bird with this beautiful magic truffle! You’ll have a relaxed and happy trip. The Psilocybe pajaritos is also a very social truffle. So when you’re planning a great night with your friends, you should consider pajaritos truffles. Your thoughts will be fluttering around! Let the happy feeling of the pajarito truffle surprise you! This truffle is also known as the Mayan Magic.

Pajaritos is Spanish for “little bird”. This refers to the effect it has on people: after using the pajaritos truffle you feel like a bird. Your thoughts are merrily fluttering around. The Psilocybe pajaritos is a truffle that is slightly stronger than Mexicana. In terms of quantity of active substance you can compare it with the tampanensis. Also called the Philosopher’s Stone. The trip will be relaxed and cheerful. Some users report mild hallucinations with this truffle.


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Pajaritos 15 grams

first time trying so took 5g after an hour took the other 10g ...no feelings at all bar a slightly dull head and very faint visuals for a moment..very disappointed...still to try the tampanesis ones and hoping they work their magic better...
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Relax, not so much strong hallucination, but interesting.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

ca 12g was ingested without a sitter on half empty stomach (half full with strong alcohol drunk 3 hours before) by male in his late 20s (80kg/180cm) . the setting was a little house with a garden, the set was not that good. alcohol seems to dull the insightfulness of the trip so it's not really recommended. a lot visual 4 dimensional distortions were scarce but interesting. creativity got boosted which can be seen on few freestyle sketches. some restlessness at the come down made falling asleep not an easy task. but it could be due to unsuitable mindset. lesson from this fantasy is that it's more fun to have a sitter or co-passenger, it's good to achieve good mood before tripping. but pajaritos are friendly enough to forgive you that lack of respect :)
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

8.7g was eaten on half-empty stomach (junk food eaten 4 hours before). 2.5 hours passed without any effects, Male in his late 20s (180cm/80kg) started thinking about the quality of the truffles, but anyway he was so satisfied with the set and setting, that he didn't mind. After 3 hours he went to the riverside with a sitter. Mild hallucinations started on the way. At the river he smoked a blunt and felt really good. Thoughts about the tribal roots of every human interaction appeared and were very clear and logical. Hallucinations went stronger and included golden sky at night, tunnel-like fractals, Strongly appreciated strain because of no nausea on the come up. Anyway, remember about set & setting, proper dose & the fact truffles can work differently from person to person. Stay safe.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]