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How to avoid a bad trip

How to avoid a bad trip

How to avoid a bad trip

When consuming hallucinogens, nobody wants to have an unpleasant experience. A trip should be a great adventure, and a place where you could discover yourself. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, because sometimes things can take an unexpected turn. We understand that a bad trip is very annoying, and that’s why we would like to prepare yourself! By taking a few precautions, you’ll increase the chance of an amazing experience.


What is a bad trip?

First of all: what is a bad trip? Psychedelics can change the perception of the environment when someone is under the influence of some drugs like magic mushrooms or marijuana. This is also called a trip. These hallucinogens don’t only affect what the user perceives, but they can also change the mental and emotional state. Sometimes even your auditory state. There are several types of bad trips. Such a bad trip could be very terrifying or overwhelming, and it could take a lot of effort to become calm again. Therefore it’s good to know how to avoid a bad trip like this.


3 tips for avoiding a bad trip

  1. Watch your needs

Make sure you drink and eat enough, because during a trip you probably have something else on your mind. So you easily forget to eat and to drink. That doesn’t mean that your body does not need food and drinks. Furthermore, a grumbling stomach and a dry mouth could be ruin your good mood. And that’s something you don’t want.


  1. Don’t drink alcohol

Alcohol could weaken the hallucinations caused by LSD, but it also cause fear, panic and aggressiveness. Of course we advise to avoid these kind of situations that can detach these emotions.


  1. Arrange a trip sitter

Make sure there is someone around who is understanding, and who accompanies you during your trip. This so called trip sitter is usually very down to earth, and can be a helpful persons for anyone who’s having a hard time. This is a perfect way to have a safe trip.


Enjoy your positive trip

Everyone can get a bad trip: from beginners to experienced users. This doesn’t mean that most trips turn our that way, or that the user has done something wrong. When you take the precautions in this blog article, a trip can also be very positive. Enjoy!