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Discover the amazing benefits of Maca powder

maca poeder

Here at Avalon Magic Plants, we offer you the most exotic herbs, plants and fungi from all around the world. Some are used to give you energy, while others are meant to give you the psychedelic trip of your lifetime. Today we are going to discuss Lepidium Meyenii, also known as simply Maca. It is one of the dried herbs we sell in our herbshop, and odds are you have no idea how beneficial this specific Andean food can be. Let’s take a look…

For thousands of years the populations of the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes have selected foods that have allowed them to adapt better to harsh living conditions at 3,000-4,500 meter above sea level. Among them is Maca, a tuber of the cruciferous family (such as cabbages, radishes or mustard) which is rich in minerals (copper, iron, calcium and zinc), in vitamins and in compounds that are said to have certain stimulating effects. Although it almost disappeared as a crop, the rediscovery of the benefits of maca has aroused interest in its consumption and today it is even considered a superfood among health enthusiasts. 

So what nutrients does maca provide?

Although the maca root can be consumed raw, many people do not recommend it. One of the reasons is the spicy taste it has, but mostly people prefer powder to be used in various dishes. To make Maca powder, the root is sun dried, or dehydrators are used. In our case: the maca we sell in our store is already dried and converted to powder, for your convenience. With around 10 grams of protein per 100 grams, loads of minerals - iron (14.7 milligrams), calcium (250 milligrams), potassium (2050 milligrams), zinc (3.8 milligrams) and copper (5.9 milligrams) - and high levels of vitamin B3, the herb is often considered as a great and healthy spice. 

Maca gives you energy

Besides being extraordinarily wealthy in nutritional values, maca is also a great herb to give you an extra boost in energy when you need it. But don’t take our word for it, just ask science: In one study, maca extract (100 mg / kg) administered for three weeks increased physical endurance. This effect was measured in time layers until subjects achieved fatigue (41% increase over the control group). 14-day stretcher administration significantly improved performance in a 40 km cycling race. 

Research conducted on ten professional soccer players who for 60 days received three capsules of litter concentrate (500 mg) provided an average increase of 10.3% in oxygen consumption after administration. “The ability to increase energy levels, something that has a direct result in humor, manages to produce a maintained sense of well-being and mental balance, which provides a better quality of life in an era marked by always being busy”, one source says. 

Is it true that Maca increases fertility?

One of the foremost reasons some people consume maca, is because it is said to increase fertility in women. If this is actually the case, still remains the question. Studies were conducted in female mice and it was found that the number of pups increased, but the risk of embryonic death also decreased. In the case of men, regular consumption of Maca root has been associated with a positive impact on spermatogenesis (sperm creation), increasing the amount of sperm and its mobility. However, Maca is composed of a series of alkaloids that are called macamides that, together with the action of some minerals such as zinc, could possibly stimulate the hormonal system and thus increasing the chances of successful fertilization. But more studies need to be conducted to actually prove this. 

A natural aphrodisiac

In this day and age, most guys who suffer from erectile disfunction simply pop a pill to solve the problem. In ancient times, those pills were not around. Maca was then often used to increase libido and act as a natural aphrodisiac, as it’s often believed this powerful herb can let you enjoy sex like never before, and even let you be active in the bedrooms more often. According to phytotherapy and integrative medicine expert Tieraona Low Dog, it also stimulates women's libido. In the case of men it is believed to increase the volume and quality of semen and that it fights erectile dysfunction. If a libido boost is something you are after, take a look at our other aphrodisiac herbs as well. We have quite a few!

How to consume maca?

Maca powder can be consumed in various ways, but there are some popular ways out there. One of them is to cook the powder with milk or water in order to create a drinkable solution. Another tip is to mix the powder with fruit juices, and let the drink cool in the fridge. If you are a cooking enthusiast, mixing maca with sauces is also an option. It is not advisable to take Maca at night because it could cause insomnia or difficulty sleeping.

While mixing, however, keep in mind that a single tablespoon of dehydrated Andean maca powder (about 10 grams, more or less) already gives you 75% of the recommended daily amount of iron, as well as you will receive 3% magnesium and 4% calcium. It is important never to exceed the recommended dose. It is often advised to start with a teaspoon daily during the first week, then increase to two teaspoons daily in the second week and finally, reach three teaspoons per day.

Are you interested in more of our herbs? We have them for all your needs, whether you need more energy, want more activity in the bedroom or when you want to achieve lucid dreaming. You will find it all in our herb shop!