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Calea Zacatechichi 10X - 1g - Dream extract


Calea Zacatechichi 10X - 1g - Dream extract

Buy Calea zacatechichi Dream extract 10X at Avalon Magic Plants!

This is a potent 10 to 1 powdered extract, meaning that 1 gram of the extract is equal in potency to 10 grams of the whole herb.


When vaporized about 0.1 gram is needed, taken orally (on an empty stomach) it requires 0.5 to 1.0 gram, depending on your body weight. You can either ingest it directly (be aware that the herb is very bitter though) or use it to make a tea. For lucid dreams take the herb on a daily basis before going to sleep.

Calea Zacatechichi 10X - 1g - Dream extract

The extract of this dream herb is easier to consume especially you can handle the required amount you need to have create an effect. After a few tries I just had one night with a little more intensive dreams then regularly, but I rather go with the Mexican Tarragon or with the African Dream Root.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]