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The difference between truffles and magic mushrooms

difference between truffles and magic mushrooms
Truffles and magic mushrooms both are similar to each other and both are in possession of a spacy substance named psilocybin. However, the truffles and magic mushrooms aren’t the same! We will tell you all about the differences in this blog.

A big difference between the truffles and magic mushrooms is the way they grow. The truffle grows under the ground, where the mushroom shines above the ground. It’s a kind of sad story, because truffles aren’t strong enough to emerge above the ground into a mushroom. They aren’t resistant to the harsh conditions and fungi. An advantage of living underneath the ground is the less sour taste. Mushrooms are in comparison to truffles more acidic.

Long existence

For quite some time mankind is enjoying the effects of the truffles and magic mushrooms. Your ancestors were probably appreciating these substances. The substances are used for thousands of years in Central and South-America. They thought that the substances would bring them close to god and their dearly lost ones. But also in Europe the magic mushroom where used for rituals and ceremonies for centuries.

The trip

Not all the truffles and magic mushrooms trips are the same. Both have a strongly effect on your personality and environment. Your experience can be very colorful and full of fun. Just like any other psychedelic drugs, the effects of the truffles and mushrooms are related to the amount of stomach content, body weight and the mood your in. If you’re not so comfortable in your own skin, it’s better to leave out the mushrooms and truffles. A familiar environment is especially recommended for non-experienced truffle users. Make your house a cozy place with blankets and cushions.

When you are tripping, it could be fun to write down your experiences. Truffles and mushrooms namely change your thinking ability. So there is a good change you might forget about some things during your trip.

However, most people didn’t notice many differences between the two. Some people say the visuals are better with magic mushrooms than truffles. Other people didn’t notice any difference. You have to experience the effects for yourself!

If you’re planning your next truffle or magic mushroom trip and you’re not sure what to pick. We are available to guide you through your choices. You can always contact us with your questions. Have fun during your next trip!