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What are the effects of caffeine?

What are the effects of caffeine

What are the effects of caffeine?

The substance of caffeine belongs to the group which we call stimulants. In contrast to stronger substances belonging to the same class, such as amphetamine, there aren’t any strict rules for caffeine. However, the substance isn’t completely safe to use. Caffeine could affect both your brain and body. With moderate use, these effects are fine if you have a busy lifestyle. However, excessive use over a long a period could have adverse effects. In this article we tell you more about these effects.

Daily use of caffeine, such as coffee and tea, is not harmful according to experts. Just three to four cups of coffee or tea a day can’t hurt. In case of overuse, there could be consequences.

A positive effect on working capacity and the long-term memory

Many data suggest that the use of caffeine has a positive effect on the working capacity and the long-term memory. Keep in mind that these data depend on the age and health of the individual. The stimulating effects of caffeine appear to have the most benefits for people aged from 26 to 64 years old. The average tolerated dose is about 300 milligram per day. The exact moment of the day on which caffeine is consumed, influences its effect on the body as well. When you use caffeine in the morning, the effects are much more positive than when consumed in the evening. As probably most of the people know: using caffeine just before you go to bed isn’t a smart idea.

The side effects of caffeine

The stimulating characteristics of caffeine cause changes in the chemical housekeeping of the brain. Over time, the substance can be quite addictive. Regular users experience less physical effects after a while when consuming consistent amounts. The side effects associated with caffeine use include an increased heart rate, anxiety and sweaty hands. Taking large amounts of caffeine can also affect your sleep at night. Insomnia and fatigue in the afternoon are indications of excessive caffeine use.

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