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Smono 70's

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  • Dimensions: 30*30*114mm
  • Weight: 130g
  • Conduction-based dual heating system
  • Timer: 3 - 6 minutes
  • Charging time: < 2 hours
  • Rapid heating system: 20 - 25 seconds
  • Big chamber: 0,3g
  • Temperature settings: 160°C - 240°C
  • High performance battery: integrated 2300mAh battery, for ca. 5-6 sessions
  • Suitable for: herbs


  1. The Smono 70's suits every pocket thanks to its lenght of only 12 cm. Its big OLED display lets you easily check your battery status and your reached and desired temperatures. You can read on it your timer settings as well.
  2. The stainless steel chamber can contain up to 0,3 g of dry herbs and the conduction-based dual heating system ensures an even heating of the body, which enables the best extraction of flavors and fragrances. 
  3. The built-in rapid heating system reaches the desired temperature in under 30 seconds.
  4. The integrated 2300mAh high performance battery ensures ca. 5-6 sessions. Charge it for less than 2 hours and you are ready to go.
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Smono 70's

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