Mimosa hostilis root - Inner root bark (Jurema Preta)




The Mimosa hostilis inner root bark comes from a tree locally known as Jurema, Jurema Preta, Black Jurema or Vinho de Jurema and is the most desired part of the plant known by the local Shaman for its entheogenic properties.


Mimosa hostilis INNER root bark, Superior quality brazil rootbark.


  • Family: Leguminosae or Mimosaceae
  • Genus: Mimosa
  • Species: hostilis, tenuiflora; verrucosa
  • Common names: Jurema Preta (hostilis, tenuiflora), Jurema Branca, Calumbi, Tepezcohuite, Carbonal, Cabrera


Mimosa, Caatinga, white jurema, black jurema.

Another completely unrelated use for this plant comes from Mexico, where the bark of the tree is known under the name Tepezcohuite.

Plant chemical compounds which can be found in Mimosa root bark are: tannins, saponins, tryptamines, alkaloids, lipids, phytoindoles, xylose, phytosterols, glucosides, rhamnose, arabinose, methoxychalcones, lupeol and kukulkanins.


The Herb here is strictly offered as botanical specimen. Not for consumption. Consult the disclaimer before your order.

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Mimosa hostilis root - Inner root bark (Jurema Preta) 
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The customer service is awesome. Great people and honest. The product is great and shipping wasnt too bad at all.

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High quality product and fast shipping. It arrived within 3 days! Everything was provided as stated......would definitely buy again and continue purchasing from Avalon.

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I ordered 10 kilos of this mimosa hostilis shredded rootbark, and I've had fantastic results. All trips have gone smoothly, and I only used it to make Ayahuasca not to extract. Great product, very potent, easy to use, and good shipment time. I recommend to anyone interested in Ayahuasca to try this product.

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I have dealt with AMP for several years now and have never been disappointed the customer service is excellent and the product is hands down the best.

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Great quality and very fast shipping!!!! Thanksss!!!!

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I have to say, that Im very pleased with their service. At first, I was a little scared that something happened to my money, that Ive sent in envelope because post delivery took long time - but they calmed me down and after few days told me that they got my delivery. Message to everyone: please be patient, its not their fault for delays, they really do their best and theres no need to be worried about anything. Service: 5 stars

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