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Mexican Tarragon 25 gram (Tagetes Lucida)


Mexican Tarragon 25 gram (Tagetes Lucida)

The psychedelic herb Mexican Tarragon has his roots in the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico. This herb was used by ancient Aztecs in their rituals. There are still Indians which use this herb to create visions in there ceremonies. The herb is used to calm the stomach, reduces tensions and to decrease the effect of a hangover.

Mexican Tarragon 25 gram (Tagetes Lucida)

I made tea from it and i like the taste very much. Like a strong earthy Jasmine.
I cannot tell the impact on dreams but i think it made me feel very good and a little euphoric when i woke up.

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I use the Mexican Tarragon as a dream herb and consume it as a tea a few hours before going to sleep. The first time there was no notable effect but on the second day I had some very nice and colourful dreams. I’m very curious what will happen the next times I gonna use this product.
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How to use this??? And what is efect od this?
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