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Catmint 3% - alkaloid extract



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Catmint - Nepeta cataria - alkaloid extract

The alkaloid extracts are also called TPA extracts, which is short for "Total Purified Alkaloids. The alkaloids are isolated from the herb by extraction and then added to a base of Ethanol (alcohol) and water.  


  • Alkaloids of the herb.
  • Alcohol 
  • Water

What is Catmint 3% - alkaloid extract?

Discover the gentle, soothing world of Catmint with our Catmint 3% - Alkaloid Extract, derived from Nepeta cataria, a plant celebrated for its calming and relaxing properties. This extract offers a refined essence of catmint, a member of the mint family known for its aromatic leaves and its ability to promote a sense of peace and well-being. By isolating the alkaloids from the catmint plant and combining them with ethanol and water, we have created a potent and versatile product that encapsulates the herb’s essence. Catmint has been used historically in herbal medicine to support relaxation and comfort, making our extract a perfect addition for those seeking natural ways to unwind. Our 3% alkaloid extract is a testament to the plant's traditional uses, modernized for contemporary wellness practices.

What can Catmint 3% - Alkaloid Extract do for you?

Our Catmint 3% - Alkaloid Extract taps into the heart of Nepeta cataria’s cherished effects, providing a concentrated method to enjoy the herb's soothing benefits. Designed for those looking to incorporate a touch of natural tranquility into their lives, this extract stands as a bridge between traditional herbal remedies and modern wellness needs. The catmint’s alkaloids are known for their gentle, comforting properties, making this extract an ideal companion for moments of relaxation and peaceful reflection. Whether you are drawn to the herb for its historical significance or its contemporary relevance in herbal wellness practices, our extract delivers a pure, potent experience of catmint’s calming essence.

  • Rooted in herbal tradition: Experience the comforting tradition of catmint.
  • High-quality ingredients: Crafted with a precise concentration of alkaloids for a superior experience.
  • Supports relaxation: Ideal for those seeking natural ways to unwind and find peace.
  • Versatile and gentle: A perfect addition to any wellness regimen focused on natural comfort and tranquility.

Purchase Catmint 3% - Alkaloid Extract now at Avalon Magic Plants!

Are you in search of natural tranquility? Our Catmint 3% - Alkaloid Extract is now available at Avalon Magic Plants, offering a serene escape into the world of herbal relaxation. With a commitment to purity and the potent benefits of Nepeta cataria, our extract provides a unique opportunity to experience the calming effects of catmint in a concentrated form. Whether you aim to enhance your relaxation practices, explore the benefits of herbal remedies, or simply enjoy the gentle comfort of catmint, our extract is an excellent choice. Embrace the soothing essence of catmint and discover a natural path to peace and well-being. Explore the distinctive advantages of our Catmint 3% - Alkaloid Extract today.

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Catmint 3% - alkaloid extract
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