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Dreamherb Enriched Mix 10% - alkaloid extract


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Dreamherb enriched 10% - Calea zacatechichi - alkaloid extract

The alkaloid extracts are also called TPA extracts, which is short for "Total Purified Alkaloids. The alkaloids are isolated from the herb by extraction and then added to a base of Ethanol (alcohol) and water.  


  • Alkaloids of the herb.
  • Alcohol 
  • Water

What is Dreamherb Enriched Mix 10% - alkaloid extract?

Introducing our Dreamherb Enriched Mix 10% - Alkaloid Extract, a potent evolution of our 3% Dream Herb extract, designed for those seeking a deeper connection to the dream world. This enhanced version contains a higher concentration of alkaloids extracted from Calea zacatechichi, offering an intensified approach to dream exploration. The process of isolating these alkaloids and combining them with ethanol and water ensures a pure and powerful product, ideal for enhancing the clarity, vividness, and recall of dreams. Calea zacatechichi, also known as the Dream Herb, is celebrated for its traditional use in inducing lucid dreaming and spiritual journeying by indigenous cultures of Mexico and Central America. This enriched mix amplifies the herb’s renowned effects, providing a more profound doorway into the realms of your subconscious mind.

What can Dreamherb Enriched Mix 10% - Alkaloid Extract do for you?

Our Dreamherb Enriched Mix 10% offers a heightened experience for enthusiasts of dream exploration and lucid dreaming. By increasing the alkaloid concentration, this extract delivers a more powerful tool for those wishing to explore the depths of their psyche and the mysteries of the dream world. It serves as an amplified conduit to lucid dreaming, where you can navigate your dreams with greater awareness and control. This product is perfect for individuals who are experienced in dream work and are looking to take their exploratory practices to the next level. With its enhanced potency, the Dreamherb Enriched Mix 10% invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration, opening up new dimensions of insight and understanding within your dreams.

  • Enhanced potency: Experience the intensified effects of a higher alkaloid concentration.
  • Deep tradition: Connect with the deep spiritual heritage of the Dream Herb.
  • Quality ingredients: Made with a potent mix of pure alkaloids, alcohol, and water.
  • Advanced dream exploration: Ideal for seasoned practitioners of lucid dreaming and dream work.

Purchase Dreamherb Enriched Mix 10% - Alkaloid Extract now at Avalon Magic Plants!

Are you ready to deepen your journey into the dream world? Our Dreamherb Enriched Mix 10% - Alkaloid Extract is now available at Avalon Magic Plants, offering an unparalleled tool for those dedicated to exploring the vast landscapes of their dreams. This enhanced extract represents the pinnacle of our commitment to providing high-quality, potent botanical products for spiritual and self-exploratory purposes. Whether you seek to engage more profoundly with your subconscious, enhance your spiritual practices, or simply experience more vivid and memorable dreams, our Dreamherb Enriched Mix 10% is designed to elevate your nocturnal adventures. Take the next step in your dream exploration journey. Discover the powerful impact of our Dreamherb Enriched Mix 10% - Alkaloid Extract today.

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Dreamherb Enriched Mix 10% - alkaloid extract
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