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Damiana - alkaloid extract



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Damiana - Turnera diffusa - alkaloid extract

The alkaloid extracts are also called TPA extracts, which is short for "Total Purified Alkaloids. The alkaloids are isolated from the herb by extraction and then added to a base of Ethanol (alcohol) and water.  


  • Alkaloids of the herb.
  • Alcohol 
  • Water

What is Damiana - alkaloid extract?

Explore the allure of Damiana through our Damiana - Alkaloid Extract, a concentrated essence of the Turnera diffusa plant, cherished across cultures for its uplifting and enhancing properties. This extract is the result of an advanced process that isolates the pure alkaloids of the Damiana leaf, blending them with ethanol and water to create a potent and versatile product. Damiana, a shrub native to the subtropical climates of South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, has been utilized for centuries in traditional herbal practices for its ability to elevate mood and vitality. Our Damiana extract embodies this traditional wisdom in a modern form, offering a bridge to the ancient practices that celebrate the plant's vibrant energy and potential to enrich the human experience.

What can Damiana - Alkaloid Extract do for you?

Our Damiana - Alkaloid Extract is designed to connect you with the invigorating spirit of the Damiana plant. By harnessing the power of its pure alkaloids, this extract offers a concentrated form of the herb's essence, providing an accessible way to incorporate its revered properties into your life. Whether you're seeking to enhance your daily wellness routine or explore the historical uses of Damiana, our extract presents a unique opportunity to engage with a plant known for its ability to uplift and energize. This product is a testament to the enduring appeal of Damiana, crafted with care to ensure quality, purity, and a potent connection to the essence of vitality.

  • Rooted in tradition: Delve into the rich history of Damiana's use across various cultures.
  • High-quality ingredients: Made with pure alkaloids, alcohol, and water to ensure a premium experience.
  • Connection to nature: Experience the energizing properties of a plant valued for centuries.
  • Flexible and user-friendly: Perfect for anyone looking to add a natural boost to their wellness practices.

Purchase Damiana - Alkaloid Extract now at Avalon Magic Plants!

Are you intrigued by the historical and uplifting properties of Damiana? Our Alkaloid Extract is now available at Avalon Magic Plants, offering you a direct path to experience the vitality-enhancing benefits of this remarkable plant. Made with a commitment to purity and quality, our Damiana extract invites you to discover the energizing spirit of Turnera diffusa in a form that respects both its ancient heritage and the needs of modern users. Whether you're a longtime admirer of herbal traditions or curious about the natural ways to support vitality and well-being, our Damiana extract is an excellent choice. Don't wait to explore the vibrant energy of Damiana. Discover the distinctive advantages of our Damiana - Alkaloid Extract today.

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Damiana - alkaloid extract
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