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Wild Dagga 20X - 3g - Leonurus Leonotis


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Wild Dagga 20X - 3g - Leonurus Leonotis

Avalon Magic Plants offers a Pure Wild Dagga plant 20 X Extract

Leonotis leonorus, Wild Dagga Extract : Top of the Tops.

Wild Dagga: Tall shrubby South African plant of the mint family with
deep green foliage that elongates into long strips after flowering.
Especially striking for its fiery orange, feathery flower tufts that
bloom in spikes or balls. Leonotis leonurus contains marrubin and
is commonly called " Lions Tail " because of its feathery gladiolus-
like spiked flowers. The plant has had a long entheogenic and
therapeutic tradition among the Hottentot tribesmen of South Africa.
Wild Dagga is often referred to as a Cannabis substitute.

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Wild Dagga 20X - 3g - Leonurus Leonotis
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