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Banisteriopsis muricata


Banisteriopsis muricata


Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine is the main ingredient in Ayahuasca (Yage, Yaje), a sacred brew known for millennia in order to enter the sacred supernatural divine world. Also widely used in preparation of Changa

Family: Malpighiaceae
Genus: Banisteriopsis
Species: caapi, inebriens

the legendary "Vine of Souls" Banisteriopsis caapi Vine. This forest liana is the basis of an important native brew, ceremonially known in the the Amazon basin and by isolated tribes in Colombian and Ecuadorean Andes.

According to tradition sections of Banisteriopsis Caapi vine are boiled with leaves from a number of potential admixture plants such as Psychotria viridis (Chacruna) or Diplopterys cabrerana (Chagropanga, Chaliponga) to make the Ayahuasca

The Herb here is strictly offered as botanical specimen.
Not for consumption. Consult the disclaimer before your order.

B. Caapi contains MAO-inhibiting substances. This means it can be very dangerous when combined with certain foods or other psychoactives that are totally harmless when taken by themselves.

This product is not sold or intended for the purpose of human consumption. This is a botanical
specimen of ethnographic value and interest, and is delivered with no expressed or implied
application or purpose”

Banisteriopsis muricata

(The MAN)
Cooked the bark in stainless steel pot with mineral water and BIO lemon, then tried separately with Chaliponga and Chacruna. Muricata opened my mind and the Chaliponga and Chacruna gave me one of my best visual and emotional Aya experiences in my life. It teached a lot about myself and surrounding of my life. Quality bark that I could recommend to everyone.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Quality ingredient of a good Aya vine. It releases strong color and lovely bark flavoury smell. Dont need to cook much to get the medicine into the water to store it. After by the reduction stage just go slow. After preparation It can be stored in fridge for month easily, or freeze it. When you drink it it tastes fine, but its depends from your recipe. The effect is strong it opens the mind in 20-30minutes and does it purpose. Recommended good quality :)
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

Still very good quality. Strong taste, great caapi. Cooked very nice tea from it. Can be used for capsuled tech-s too if u cant hold down the tea because its flavor. Very satisfied with it.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

(Alexandru Ostrovschii)
Made Ayahuasca with this wonderful plant combined with Mimosa Hostilis.
It had a pleasent effect, not to strong or overwhelming, but I didn't took a high dose either.
Very pleasent smell, colour and even taste I'd say.

Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]