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Different types of smoking accessories

Different types of smoking accessories

Different types of smoking accessories

Avalon Magic Plants has a selection of several types of smoking accessories, which you can order online. What about rolling papers and joint rollers? It’s always good to have those at your home! These specific accessories are meant to be used for smoking cigarettes or joints. We have more to offer than just rolling papers, for instance lighters and rollmate pipes. Review our entire range of products here, or read more information about the products in this blog!


Our smoking accessories

In our webshop we offer several types of smoking accessoires. These are some examples:


  • Filter tips
  • Lighters
  • Rollmate pipes
  • Joint rollers


Are you inexperienced when it comes to rolling cigarettes and joints? Then our joint rollers are the perfect choice! Don’t you have enough time or interest to roll a good joint? Then they are the perfect solution as well. You’ll just roll an amazing joint quickly and with little effort. Just load the paper and add the tobacco or weed to the roller. Easy, right? Besides this, our webshop features different kinds of quality lighters: our range of products varies from several brands to shapes. Do you know torch lighters? These are perfect for the windy periods of the year. We imagine it’s very annoying when you try to light a cigarette, but it doesn’t work because of the blowing wind.


Ordering smoking accessoires online

Of course our wide variety of smoking accessoires is online available in our webshop. When you place an order of more than 50 euros, then your shipping is free! Because it gives you an advantage when you order multiple products at the same time, we advise you to review our complete selection. Our entire range of products is very extensive, so you can choose between dozens of products. It’s also very interesting to take advantage of our savings points. It works very simple: with every order you’ll earn points and save up for free products and discounts. Do you have any questions about this or our products? Please contact us!